Receive audio distorted during split operation

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During split operation I occasionally experience distorted receive audio, it is what I would describe as motor boating . Clicking on the A slice TX button and then clicking back on the B slice TX button clears it up and it may work fine for a few minutes then do it again. I rarely operate SSB so I've only noticed it on CW, and only when using split, never when operating TX and RX on the same slice.
I am using a Flex-6300 and version 1.3
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Timothy Cook

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Posted 5 years ago

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Steve N4LQ

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Just now I was mindlessly playing with the L - R slider and noticed it had no effect however I keyed the rig and moved L - R noticing that the sidetone followed as it should however the receiver audio did not follow L - R...So I hit +RX and opened the other slice on the 6300. Immediately upon doing so I heard your MOTORBOAT or FLex Flatulent as it were. This went on for about 2 or 3 seconds then stopped. I then tested L-R and the audio followed it as it should. I then closed the extra slice and found L-R was now working perfectly as it should.  
So I closed Ssdr and restarted it. Now the TX light was off in the flag and it wouldn't key. I clicked TX to engage it and hear the usual beep but also heard the little FF mixed in with it. L-R works as normal. 
There's a bug here somewhere. I'm trying to emulate Tim's bug but there is probably some sequence we are doing differently.
Steve N4LQ 
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Timothy Cook

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One thing I didn't mention is that when this happens, I have slice "B" as the TX slice and the audio slider all the way to the right so the pileup is in the right ear. I have slice "A" as the RX slice and the audio centered so the DX is in both ears. Maybe Steve experiencing it while playing with the audio sliders and opening a second slice will shed more light on it.

Thanks Steve for reporting it.
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I too get the motor-boating sound on occasions.  I often listen to an AM shortwave broadcast station for background music whilst working on something in the shack. This is on the second slice RX and fed to the PC using DAX2.  This audio is then fed to the PC sound system via a VAC.  Most times it works just fine, but the motorboating appears at random and will stop, usually after a minute or two.  I can make it stop sooner by stopping and starting DAX.   There is no motorboating ever via the headphone socket on the radio.  rig is a 6300, PC a Dell optiplex 790, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM.

Peter GM4WCE
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I got some strange choppiness/motorboating once after bouncing around from band to band by clicking on my DX spots in ACLog and then opening a new slice that was BELOW the station on Slice 'A' on 20 meters.
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Official Response
I have added this to our bug tracker for additional investigation.
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I am sorry if I take back this thread, but during the last week, due K1N dxpedition, I have experienced the same issue on my 6300 (SSDR v.1.3.8).
It happens during cw calls both when I use two slices in the same panadapter and when I use two panadapters with its own slice.
Are there any workarounds or fixing-updates about it?

Thank you very much
73' Enzo