Radiosport RS60CF headset with M207 mic element

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Radiosport RS60CF headset with M207/M208 mic element. The M208 got the best results on the air. The Headset is comfortable, not too heavy to me. I wear hearing aids and no issues. So I give a A+ Also works great with my Maestro!

My Current setup is the RS60CF is XLR to my Audio Rack to the XRL mic plug into the back of the radio.

The M207 is built for DX or Contesting

the M208 is smooth and clear

Would I buy again you bet ya!



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James Kennedy-WU5E

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Posted 4 years ago

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Jim Gilliam

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All of you XLR users out there...don't forget about using a USB to XLR cable. They work great and allows you to use your favorite XLR microphone with any computer. Too bad the Maestro folks didn't think of that rather than using a mike jack.
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Jim Gilliam

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The only reason I have not purchased a Radiosport headset is the $90 cable.
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The pricing may as well be higher with one cable included, but not all the cables are priced the same.

Somehow psychologically it would just easier to have an all inclusive package price.

Held in the hand the quality of the cables disarms all cost worries, as does the entire headset.

Enough so that I just bought another for at my second QTH and with two cables so I could use it with more options.

BTW RadioSport makes a very cool retro-headset for use with boat anchors matched to the characteristics needed. Of course due to the high spec less common sized connectors and the built in impedance matching electrical parts both the cable and headset run a bit more. Figures...

If I view the complete package price these headsets are in the "Lifetime Tool" category and I'd buy them again in a heartbeat. Just wish I hadn't had to spend on all the stepping-stone other headsets I bought until I got to these.


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Assuming you having one Radio Sport headset but wanted the ability to have DX'ing plus Rag Chew audio, how difficult it is to change the M207 M208 mic elements?  Are they swappable?  Or is better path just to select the M208 mic element, then setup DX and Rag Chew mic profiles?
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quite simple-there are four screws, unplug and plug the new one in.  My personal favorite is the M350-adj . Lots of punch - set and forget.  Read about it here.
Gene K3GC
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I ise the M360 electret with great success. For DX I just adjust bandwidth and tweak a few settings on the internal radio EQ. Save it as a rofile and pff you go.

No need to swap elementa. Use the wide element and then tailor the radio when you want to run narrow.

Dave wo2x
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Thanks Dave.  That sounds like an excellent solution.