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By chance I found RadioCom 6 here:

While listing compatible hardware, the author(s) explicitly mention
Flex radios as NOT being supported .. by choice (yours) :-(

May I ask why you selected that stance ?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Cant understand what is your question? If Bonito not full fill your wishes ask Bonito why . Flex offer at lot of help to programmers. Check download area from Flex!
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It seems like putting this software on a Flex would be like pulling a landscape trailer with a Ferrari.
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Michael, here is the eHam review:
This software uses a dongle(!) to connect to your radio, well anyway, it's
a hardware protection against copyright infringement (who would like
to copy it, I wonder) and - to cap it - i'ts RS232 serial (!). You have to use
a converter... now thats fine, it'll work until you put out HF ;-)
A good example of good looking software, that is quite expensive,
and which can easily be replaced by free software.
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I have played with the radcomm software a couple of years ago trying to help a local ham set it up on his IC-7700. Basically it seemed to me to be a pathetic attempt to make a Legacy Radio. pretend to be an SDR. It was a horror show to get setup, although after a couple of days of trial and error it sort of worked. Bottom line it did not perform particularly well so the ham tried to get a refund...he did not get one. The good news is that he bought a 6700 and now has a real SDR.

The answer to your question is that it's not Flex's responsibility to interface third party software packages. That responsibility belongs entirely to Bonito Software The likely reason they have not provided a Flex interface is that I doubt that anyone would buy it especially given the 1.4 out of 5 eHam rating and the fact that it is really designed to be used with 1980's Legacy Technology Radios NOT modern Ethernet SDR.
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If you actually scroll down the list of "News" you find: "But unfortunately Flexradio U.S.A. doesn't want to support any commercial Projects and therefore they don't want to supply an device for testing."

They can't get a freebie from Flex!

Aww, too bad.

Somehow, everybody else figures it out.
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Did anybody else see that the web page in question was last updated in 2009?

My $0.02

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I looked through my email and I have no requests from Bonito.  This is the first I've heard of them.  We have seen other software vendors not contact us and just go learn and use the API since it is published and open.  So our help is not, strictly, a requirement.  As Chris mentions, today we are able to, and do, answer all requests from developers working with our radios.  Independent of the fact that I'm not aware of an inquiry from them, it seems a little passive-agressive and unprofessional to post a "vendor won't support us" message on their webpage.

Just read Bob Craig's post.  Yes this was my suspicion -- that they called and asked for a free radio and I'd just not heard about it.  We do get lots of these requests and many are from companies we've never heard of.  We vet all of these requests carefully and discuss the expected ROI from investing in other companies.  We do supply radios to other companies on a regular basis for this purpose.