Radio freezes

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I have had it happen a number of times
now. The audio starts to crackle and
soon the radio freezes. It is a 6700
running 2.3.9. The led above the power
button comes on red and stays red. No
I will re-install the software, but has
anyone had that problem?

73, Jim N9VC

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Posted 2 years ago

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Bill -VA3WTB

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It is a connection problem.
Can you tell us your hole lan system, how are you connecting?
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Exactly my first thoughts, maybe a bad switch, connecting direct may help to elimate the network , but also a computer resource issue can cause this , also check that there is not a loose power connection to the radio, low voltage can be a cause also. Other than that , time to log Help Desk ticket.
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Where it gets puzzling is I started it this morning,
almost 10 hours later, it froze. Shut down everything,
restarted and it has been fine since. Never touched
a cable or did anything different. A couple of times
ago, it did it shortly after I started up the system
in the morning, restarted and it was fine the rest of
the day till I shut down at midnight.
I'll go direct from the computer to the radio if it
happens again. I did reload the 2.3.9 tonight. Has been
fine since. I am using a Netgear GS505 switch to
mesh the computer, radio, and Maestro together.
Power supply is linear set at 14.2 volts, drops to
14.1 during transmit.
I'll hold on help desk ticket till I explore some
more. This only started after I had upgraded to 2.3.9.
Did not do it on earlier versions and the setup is
the same.
Thanks guys, and we'll see where it goes from here.

73, Jim N9VC

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My 6700 just froze.  Even after I closed the radio, a single tone persisted until I shut off the radio which I had to do by holding the power button.  When I restarted it had lost its connection with WSJT-X.

I restarted everything again it resolved it.  The radio's Ethernet cable is direct to the computer.
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I have had my 6500 Freeze also, and had to do the hold off button to get it to shutdown.  All is well after the shutdown and reboot.   This problem happens very rarely so I am sure it is a difficult problem to isolate.  Perhaps a special logging or crash log program could be installed with auto report to Flex.  This procedure could provide data on the problem.