Question: With the two quarter Inch jacks so close, How do you handle not making a mistake?

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The Key and Phones jacks are side by side.
What would happen if in a rush you misconnected the two?
I've done it.
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  • embarrisingly stupid

Posted 4 years ago

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   As it's been an hour and nobody with an EE degree has responded, let me take a crack to  assuage your fears. Phone jack, drives left/right ear audio. Plugging a key into it would do nothing as the keyer default position is open on both the dot and dash side. Headphones have a high resistance, I think, worse case, if you plugged in stereo headphones and you had TX set on a slice receiver, it would attempt to send di dah di dah di dah etc. You'd see the red xmit flag on SSDR light and the LED on the On/Off go red indicating you were transmitting.  That would be if you had them reversed. There is a 50/50 chance you didn't. Regardless, you wouldn't have heard WWV through a keyer erroneously plugged into the phone jack. Nor would the software allow you to transmit on 10.000MHz.
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Boy, Bill, you sure are having one of those days. Welcome to the club! ;-)
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I can't imagine that there is enough current on the keyer jack to damage a set of headphones if you plugged them in the wrong side.

I am not sure about the circuitry on the headphone output as to whether or not shorting it with a keyer paddle would damage the audio amp.  A few months ago I shorted the audio output pin on the rear DB-9 connector on my 1500 (bad solder job).  It lasted about 15 minutes and finally fried the audio output chip.  Yes, I had to pay the "stupid tax" (about $100) because it was out of warranty and I did it myself!

But the headphone out on the 6000 series may be more resilient.  Unless you shorted it for a long period of time - like using a mono plug for a straight key, or tried at length to send CW with no result and kept the key down...
I would hope there wouldn't be any damage even then.
But I don't want to be the one to test it!  ha.

Ken - NM9P
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Bill did say he heard weak stations. My guess is they were plugged in correctly.
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Best "solution" is to never disconnect your key! But yeah, the current on the key jack is not like the old tube days. Shouldn't be a problem. Just tested it, anyway (reckless boy that I am). Nice iambic keying. No damage to headset.
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Hooked them up switched a couple times. Nothing happens......
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That's why they are labeled.
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So I had my 6500 from Nov 14 and found out yesterday it had and ATU... :)
Stuff happens !!! At least we are never to OLD to learn...
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I have done it a few times and my radio did not suffer any issues from it.