Queezing 4 "slices" out of a 6300

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It may be obvious to those of you with a lot of experience with a Flex Signature series radio, but just in case there are newbies like me... I have figured out a way to essentially get FOUR slices out of a Flex 6300.  Two slices are the traditions slices one expects from a Flex.6300   The other two are the DAQ IQ streams demodulated by Multipsk.   For example I currently have a slice on one panadater on 7044 tuned in to some RTTY activity.   I also have a IQ stream open centered on 7070 giving me 48 khz of activity either side of the center.  That stream is fed to Multipsk and I am decoding JT65 around 7076. I also have a Panadapter  on 80M  with slice focused around 3510 for CW activity and another IQ stream centered around 3582  .  Thus I am actually listening/decoding signals on 4 distinct frequencies at the same time.  Your based audio slice can be quite some distance from the IQ stream,  , I have not figured out the formula for the limits but I have had a standard audio slice about 1  Mhz away from the IQ stream in the same panadapter.   The bottom line...  I can do things like  decoding PSK31 on 7034,   listening to a CW DXpedition pileup on 7010 , decoding RTTY on 14088 and listening to a net on 14175 .  My brain had no clue this would be possible.  It helps to day-dream while driving I-90, that is where I was when my brain "clicked" to the idea it might be possible, and it it was easy to set up when I got home.  Again, not rocket science.. but certainly "fun". 
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Posted 3 years ago

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As long as you're just using two bands on the 6300, the +RX button should allow for many queezing slices! :)