PTT Audio fail once in a while Still a Problem, and Praise 1.4

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Bret, WX7Y, reported this problem a few months ago with 1.3.8 and it was thought that perhaps it had been fixed in 1.4. Over the last several days I have noticed that the occasional failure of audio to come up when PTT is engaged, is still there.  Few and usually far between but still there. It seems to be more likely if you happen to "quick key" once or twice fairly close together for whatever reason, it does still fail to bring up the audio, so when it happens a quick un-key and re-key usually takes care of it. 1.4/6300 quad core intel based machine. 6300 "E- cable" to wireless router. No outside software like DDUtil or HRD or any of that. More of an observation than a complaint. Love the way 1.4 is running for the most part now that we've had a chance to re-learn a few of the nuances specific to the new software it works extremely well with very few  hiccups. Great Job by all who made this version look almost completely seamless with all the work "under the hood". Cut the  load on the machine at least in half compared to other versions.
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Posted 5 years ago

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We first reported this BUG 6 months ago , I hope some day we can finally put this to rest, pretty frustrating when there some rare DX on a short band opening and the dang thing wont transmit.
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Or when you unkey to find the other staton talking already.

Same situation with the issue of the tx audio buffer filling while receiving, causing a noise burst to be transmitted when first asserting PTT.

Reported months ago. Initially reported as fixed in 1.4, which was incorrect. Posts inquiring as to if it would be fixed in 1.5 have gone unanswered.