Psk31 software recommendation?

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What PSK software are most F6xxx users using? Am thinking of getting on digital modes.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I use MixW which is my current favorite mainly because I have been using it forever.

I have DM780 but I personally don't love HRD interface that much as it generates lots of overhead. It does have a multiple stream decoder which can be impressive.

A lot of people love FLDIGI. ...because it's free and it is the most tightly integrated into Flex. Probably a very good place to start to see if you enjoy digital

Then there is WSJT-X which is JT65 and JT9. Personally these modes are a heck of a lot more fun than PSK because you can easily work 100+ countries in a few days and there is always DX on no matter how poor the conditions seem on lesser robust modes such as CW or PSK.
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George (I had to look-up your name in,

I recommend that you check-out Fldigi. I have also used DM780 which is part of the HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) package. Fldigi is free, but the latest version of HRD comes with a price. Older versions of HRD are still available at no charge and work fine.

You may also want to check-out the digital modes JT65 and JT9 which do not provide for "rag chewing", but are much more effective than PSK31 in terms of making solid, weak-signal contacts. The software you should consider for these modes is WSJT-X which is free.

Ed, K0KC
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Just a P.S....If you try WSJT-X, be sure to also download and install JTAlert (free) which really enhances the operation of the JT65 and JT9 software.

Ed, K0KC
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I am using HRD current version.

What I like about HRD is that it is all inclusive; no need to got out to a website to download add on software.

I have used MixW and I tried FLDIG and they have not measure up to HRD; once you set it up.

They all have a quirky setup, but once you master that particular program: Satisfaction will be on site.

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I use FlDigi, probably not because it is the best, but because it is easy, and also has RTTY, CW, and almost all of the other digital modes.

For PSK31 only, it is hard to bear Digipan.

Ken - NM9P
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I am a fan of Fldigi. I use it with my 6500, and DAX in a Windows 7 x64 environment. Dave Freese, Fldigi author, does a great job of active support and there is a very active Yahoo group support group, linuxham. BTW, Fldigi does a decent job with CW (AFSK) for us Morse challenged people <grin>.
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I use DM780.  I also use minideluxe so I don't have to run HRD.  Fldigi, Mixw, Digipan, Multipsk, all those others look permanently stuck in windows 3.1, and the user interface I find to be just not that intuitive -- Multipsk being the worst offender.  I like the logging integration with the HRD suite, and to be honest, DM780 was one of the first ones I started using, so I've stuck with it.  It seems to have the most streamlined, integrated design.  The other ones can do just about the same stuff, but it just feels more clunky to me.

Since I use HRD for all my logging, it just makes sense to use DM780.  The multi decoder is one of my favorite features and is implemented really quite well.  That and the spotting integration just make it a great choice for me.  YMMV!  :D