Profiles won't load SmartSDR for IOS

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This has been touched on in several posts but never had a post of it's own. 

I can't get profiles to load in the IOS app. I can see them all listed but whether I double tap the profile or tap use, nothing happens. I have tried rebooting the phone, rebooting the radio and uninstalling and reinstalling the app all with no effect.

I'm curious, does this work for anyone?

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Posted 3 years ago

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I posted this problem on the day of its release.

I was told that ths "could not be replicated", and I emailed my exported profiles to FRS for further evaluation.

I have not heard back since then...

(I really lve this app - I just hope that it gets thru its growing pains ASAP.)
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We are working on it, Roy. I am certain we'll get to the bottom of it.  Thanks for your patience.
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Roy, you are talking about growing pains. Do you mean the Profiles or do you have any other issue ?
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So far, I was under the assumption you are talking about Global profiles and I just double checked that and it worked - at least here on my various test devices. However, after reading your mails again, you didn't mention "Global" nor do you mention which Profile you mean.

Can somebody please let me know.

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I am sorry if I have been unclear.

My problems have been with my Global Profiles (I have not used the other profile setting much with SSDR for iOS).

Some of my Global profiles load perfectly well. Other Global Profiles do not load at all.

I double click on a given Global Profile which takes me back to the panadapter screen where I wait for the settings to change....

And wait, and wait.

Some load, some don't.

I've shared my exported Global Profiles with FRS thru Tim - I assumed that he shared them with you.

I don't want to be misinterpreted - I REALLY like this app. It has features that I would like to see in Maestro.

I wish that there was an option to "tap" the audio DAX channels out of my 6700 while only in remote control mode. 

This app has offered me a paradigm shift that I could not have predicted before.

IMHO, that is the whole point of SDRs - people implement their ideas and can change the entire idea of what a radio can really be!

I am really hoping for a lot more of this "redefining" in the future, after more obvious features like WAN are done.

Let's see them do that with something like a IC-7300!

Personally, I think "the usual suspects" miss the point of SDR technology entirely.
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Hi Roy,

many thanks for this information. Usually the more information I can get, the easier and more likely it is to find the cause and fix possible issues. And your mail just ignites some ideas.

First of all, I know that Tim is analyzing your Profiles already so we are working on both ends at the problem.

On idea I immediately had after reading that some Global Profiles work and other do not is, that it might have to do with it's name. There are some characters that are not allowed in profile names (e.g. the star but also others). Maybe my verification of allowed characters is different to the one of SmartSDR for Windows and thus, SSDR Windows can create Profiles that my App may reject.

This said, can you see any difference in this respect between the profiles that work and the ones that don't work ? For instance, to they have in common that they share certain characters ?

Many thanks for your additional words about my App. Yes, I totally agree to what you said about SDRs. I personally think we didn't even start to use all of it's potential and we probably never will if we continue to think about a Flex-6700 in the same way we think about an IC-7300 (I don't see an IC-7300 as a real SDR. I own a IC-7300 since two days ago - it's still an old style Icom good for those who got used to Icoms but nothing more, not even close to a real SDR like the Flex).
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Roy Laufer

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Hello Marcus,

I can be an obsessive beta tester (just ask Carl of PegasysPlus fame).

Here is a list of my Globile Profiles at the moment and whether they succeeded to load or not:

All-In-One loads
CW Sweeper does not load
Duplex 1 does not load
Duplex Limarc does not load
Duple Test Mode does not load
Duplex-M test Mode does not load
JT65/PSK loads
KCRC 10 Meter Net doesn't load
KCRC 10 Meter Net - S doesn't load
PSK Mode does not load
SO2RDefault loads
TechNet loads
UHF/HF loads
UHF/VHF loads
VHF/HF loads
VHF/UHF loads
iOS_default_Profile loads

I don't recognize a common errant character.

My surmise is that there is some innocent setting in the errant Global Profiles that is causing SSDR iOS to stumble and fall.

A closer comparison between the settings for successful profiles and failed profiles might offer more insight?
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Official Response
Hi Roy, thanks, and here we are: It's the space!

All Profiles with Space don't load.

I will fix this with the next update.

If it's not too cumbersome and if you have to use any of these Profiles before the new iOS Update is available, you can use the Windows Version to rename those Profiles and replace a Space by an underscore or dash as a - not really nice - workaround.

Thanks for your help.
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Roy Laufer

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You are quite  right! (I must be staring at my computer screen too long to have missed that...)

Thanks a lot!

It is always better interacting with the Software Engineer, rather than automated complaint software.

Keep up the great work (but do consider my suggestion for iOS access to DAX channels without full command of the 6700 - it would be nice to "listen in" from my iPhone in my pocket while SSDR was running in my shack's PC).

Vy 73,
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I never caught that either!  
I had noticed that when I opened some of my Mic profiles that it renamed them with underscores in them, cluttering up my huge list of profiles a bit.  I just assumed that it was trying to keep my SSDR-IOS profiles separate from my SSDR-Win profiles.  I never put the two-and-two together.

It just proves that I am more "Dreamer" than "Critic."  (or more "right brain" than "left-brain")      I would be a terrible proof-reader.  I tend read things and see what the writer INTENDED to write, not the way the writer actually WROTE it!  Sometimes my eyes never even SEE the misspellings or "auto-corrupt" word changes until the third or fourth reading, unless they are extremely obvious.....