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I took advantage the upgrade program and replaced my 6300 with the 6500. I was very impressed with my 6300, so I did not expect much difference with the 6500 other than more slices and the filters. Boy was I wrong! The receiver is amazing at what it hears. I am in a rural environment and all of the utilities from the power lines to cable TV are buried. The only extraneous sounds I hear are the electric fence charger when they’re using a nearby pasture or an occasional car or truck going by on the road out-front. I should also add the road is a dead-end, so there is very little traffic. I have a full-sized 160-meter horizontal loop. Once in a great while the WNB filter is useful there, but most of the time that filter is not on. When I first bought my 6300, I could not afford a 6500 and that was really what I wanted. The trade-in program worked great for me, and I am very pleased with my 6500. My suggestion is – upgrade if you have a 6300!

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As near as I can tell the RX specs are pretty close and the big difference seems to be that the 6500 has ham band filters.   You imply that you can hear signals that you could not hear with the 6300.  Why do you suspect that is? 

The RX spec differences that I see:

Phase noise - the 6500 is 7dB better at 10 kHz
Preamp 6500 has a -10 dB attenuator
ADC Sample rate  6500 is twice that of the 6300
Spurious and image rejection - the 6500 is about 20 dB better

With your huge antenna did you experience out of band interference on the 6300? I doubt I'll ever a giant antenna, but I'm curious.

I am not in an area as quiet as you describe.  Like you I really want a 6500 but with a 6300 budget and constantly debate replacing my 5000 with a 6300.   Or, hold off. 

The reports I've read on the 6300 seem to uniformly praise the performance.  

Let me be clear, I love the Flex technology and my 5000 is FAR better than any rig ever to sit in my shack. The 6300 would likely be a huge step up over the 5000, though hard to imagine, even more so with the 6500.   
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I am beginning to suspect that the 6300 may have had a problem on receive. Not being able to compare the rig side-by-side is certainly a disadvantage, I seem to hear more and people I talked to regularly have louder signals. All this is keeping the gain at zero DB. The people I talked to on a regular basis have been doing better with even -10 DB cranked in. Other things such as selectivity seemed same to me. I don't know what to say. 
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Interesting and I suspect that you may be correct though when I looked at the QST review . The 6500 seems to have a much better MDS (26dB with preamp) on 3.5Mhz and slightly better (6 dB) on 14 Mhz.  If you are in a very quiet area maybe that's a difference on 80m and 20m.  The 3rd order DR is shown as 11dB better on the 6700 (presume 6500 is same) though I'm not clear how that would make a difference in your case.  
It's a puzzle and that's why I asked.   Thanks for info and discussion. 
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I bought my 6500 before the 6300 was announced. Even so, I am really glad for the extra slices and many other performance enhancements and added features. (And there are many).

It is indeed more radio. The decision is whether it is enough more to justify an additional $1500. For me, since I was already making a splurge, I would say "yes."

Others will answer differently.

Ken - NM9P
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I went from a 6300 (loaner), then to a 6500 and finally the 6700 with the upgrade program for the 6700
No looking back !
73 Mike
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My car always runs better when it is washed
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Well I'm the up and downer... I went from Flex 1500, to 6300 to 6500 now back down to 6300.  Life gets in the way sometimes, but frankly the 6300 is right now more radio than I need or deserve.
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I too own the Flex 1500, and really like it because its somewhat portable.  I ordered my 6300 during the September sale, and while on a road trip, anticipating the arrival of the 6300,  I remember sitting in the Bob Evans in Ohio, calling Flex to change my order to the 6500 after I read all the reviews on here and eHam.  The front end filters are what did it for me.  The guys at Flex took care of my order handily.