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Chasing RF problems. I have spent hours chasing RF floating around the shack, My 6500 locked up periodically on 160 through 60, screen freezes, connection on the network lost. I run a 160M loop, feeding it with a 4:1 balun and ladder line. It ran for years with the Flex 3000. I love the 6500 and operate primarily JT65/JT9 and CW. I use a Palostar tuner.
So, I have chased the problem, it goes away, it comes back,etc. The Flex 3000 works fine, the Flex 6500 is sporatic.
Bottom line: it is always either Operator Error or Engineering Oversight. I added a new hard drive right after I got the Flex 6500. And I left the side panel off the computer. Hey, I'm retired IT, I've left my share of side panels off. Put the side panel back on, tightened the screws, problem is gone. Thanks to Flex for a wonderful product !
Frank W1FRA
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Frank Allen

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Posted 4 years ago

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Looks like you were in a very big hurry to play with your new rig! Understand this fully. But it is a head thumper when the realization sets in....

Did you also notice any reduction in RF interference FROM the computer once you buttoned it up? My guess is yes. I did a bit when I had mine open and closed running some other tests. Nothing major on the bands I looked at, but it was noticible.
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Hi Frank,
I also had some sporadic lockups issues from RF.. Glad yours are fixed. I documented my solution so just in case you still have trouble, here is a link you might find helpful.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
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You had a 5-sided Faraday cage ;-)
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Frank Allen

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I did ! And it's funny, I should have noticed before. I operated a shack in my garage that I spent a year making into a Class C shielded room for a government contract, many years ago. Too much fun for four months with the 6500 and digital stuff. Should have done the fundamentals first. To give credit where it is due, I blamed everything except the radio. The Flex 3000 has been a tank, I assumed the 6500 was also. Never thought of blaming the radio ! Thanks guys !