PowerSDR 2.7.2 ke9ns Revision T4

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Just an update of PowerSDR ke9ns Revision Features:

DX Spot: Frequency
hopping directly from Map: Left click on Red dot, then CTRL key
DX Spot: Country or Call sign directly on World Map:
QRZ lookup: Left Click on DX Panadapter spot, then CTRL key
DX  Spot: DX Spot in Panadapter: Left Click, then hit Shift key to see Spotter
DX Spotter screen: Left click on spot: go directly to Frequency, Mode, and Split,
DX Spotter screen: Right click on spot for QRZ page.
Add/Edit List of DX Cluster spots: I put 3 on the list to start you off
Sun Tracking (with NOAA space weather): SFI, A index, and Radio Blackout warning
Gray Line Tracking (with Sunset and Dusk areas): Right Click on Center btn for color

Equirectangular  Projection (embedded into PowerSDR): Map and spots auto scale
Special Panafall mode for Tracking: 80/20: turns off Grid Lines when on.
Google SWL Spotter:  Left click on Panadapter SWL station spot, then CNTL key 
TNF (adjustable Width): Right Click on TNF to access
Reset buttons for NR, ANF, NB, NB2 buttons: Right Click on these to access
Record / Play ID CheckBox: immediately record mic, immediately transmit recording
Quick Audio Save Folder Option:
Right Click functions of many Buttons:
Band Scanner: Work in Progress band scanner
Memory (Hyperlinking):
Shortwave Bands (SWL): with bandstacking
Add to
Band Stack (all Bands): Right Click + CTRL key on Band button
Monitor Feature (Pre and Post processed Audio): Pre for AM/FM
Continuum Mode (RX1 only):
Waterfall History Moves with Frequency change (in Panafall mode):
Auto Waterfall and Panadapter Display Level: Left Click Water, Right Click Pan 
Average Button  toggle for Pan or Water or both:
Increase Transmit Bandwidth limits for 1500 and 3000:
Gray Waterfall: Better for viewing waterfall ID images.
Panafall Modes: RX1 and RX2 can have Panafall mode on together.
TX Waterfall ID: Images transmitted into the waterfall
KHZ and MHZ Frequency entry (for below 50mhz):
Incorporate DJ Console code into PowerSDR:
New Analog Meters: TR7, Curved, Edge  (left click on meter to toggle)
Analog Meter Peak / Hold Feature:
PA Temp and Volt Readings on main screen (Flex 3000 and 5000 only)
Proper S9 reading for both HF and VHF/UHF bands:

Download Self-Extracting / installing EXE file at:  ke9ns.com/flexpage.html

Darrin ke9ns

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Darrin - KE9NS

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Posted 3 years ago

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Gerald - K5SDR, Employee

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What is not appreciated here is that FlexRadio is actively supporting Darrin in his efforts.  We have provided him with each model of our discontinued radios and provide a direct line of support to our top engineers.  

FlexRadio invested over 10 calendar years and many more man years than that developing PowerSDR at our expense. Darrin is doing some very nice work to enhance the product for his intellectual pleasure.  We appreciate what he is doing for the community.

On the other hand, just because someone wants this or that specific GUI feature doesn't mean it pays any bills.  We constantly evaluate our engineering resource allocation based on that which provides the highest return on investment.  At this moment, it means Maestro.   

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Gerald's comment is quite unequivocal. He does not mention "hundreds of expensive hours". His quote means, in the absence of qualification, not a single minute, let alone hours.
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Bill -VA3WTB

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We constantly evaluate our engineering resource allocation based on that which provides the highest return on investment. At this moment, it means Maestro. "

The engineering resources allocation is just that, It is very expensive to make any changes in SSDR. So for a few customers asking for something out of all the customer base does not pay, is what I read there.

Tell me..what would you like to see happen in order to keep customers happy.
Lets say Flex is you company, what would you do? I'm sure Gerald is reading this and would like to know as well Guy.

You make it sound as if they are not doing well in this, unless I don't understand your point.
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Bill, I fully understand Gerald's position. I am not asking for hundreds of GUI changes to be made yesterday. It is just that when Gerald speaks about GUI changes, he makes comments which make it look like they will not be made as they do not bring in any income. It gives the impression that customer satisfaction has not been factored into the Flex experience. From some backchat I know I am not alone in this feeling. GUI changes should not be at the bottom of the pile nor should they be at the top either.
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Bill -VA3WTB

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I understand  Guy, but any small change is expensive, and they have to shift resources to do it, and at that time the Maestro was high on the list, understandably.
So it does make a difference how many ask for the change. I do not agree what you said about customers being considered.. I see that everything they chose to do factors in customers all the time, It is in their best interest to.
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Steven G1XOW

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Bill & Guy,

Flex have taken a lot of flack recently from the user base, especially seeing as they chose to put the world on hold whilst they rushed Maestro to market. In addition, there are the new SDRs coming out, as well as the Icom 7410 and the new 7600-SDR to come. 

Hopefully they are not sleeping, nor expecting a small number of contesters to save the day. So lets give the FRS boys a bit of space now to contemplate the unfolding game and where they go next.

FRS CAN deliver user base satisfaction, and make good money at it too from V2.0...if they wish too. They just have to read the writing on the wall and act accordingly, or risk losing customer loyalty.