Power Genius XL on 403a website

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Anyone know what ICAS means?
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Interesting definitions.  I guess this really says it all, "In this context, "100% ICAS duty cycle" can be a little misleading, since the very term ICAS implies some de-rating by time (duty cycle < 100%) for rated power output...".
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It's an old De-rating term that started in the tube days.  Intermittent Commercial Amateur Service (ICAS).  The other rating is CCS (Constant Commercial Service).

Gayle K0FLY
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Way above my pay scale
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Yes, I hope that flicks will come up with a linear that is a little bit more affordable for us Po folks.
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Intermittent Commercial Amateur Service (ICAS) vs CCS (Constant Commercial Service)?  Interesting.  Now I wonder what the difference is.  ICAS is considered 100% duty cycle?  If so, it sounds like there must be some limitation.  
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I haven’t seen a “key down” rating for the PGXL, but the KPA-1500, which is also rated at 100% ICAS (for 100 % duty cycle modes) is spec’d at maximum 5 minutes “key down” from 1.8-30Mhz, and 50 seconds at 50Mhz.

Of course, the 100% ICAS rating for the PGXL could be too conservative and the amp may in fact exceed it as has been stated.

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I don't know about the rating either, I talked to people using the PGXL with two Flexes transmitting at full power with out a break for as long as the contest runs. So I don't know.
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Have the PGXL been shipped to anyone yet?
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Yes.  We have a beta team using them and providing feedback that is being used to improve the product.  We expect to start shipping the amps in low quantities starting next month and ramping up shipments (this is how we roll out all new products)
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Noticed this morning that an updated user manual  (dated 1 June) has been posted:


A good sign!