Power genius XL on 2 meters?

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From here:


We are sponsoring the Bouvet Island DXpedition scheduled in early 2018. Bouvet is a 97% ice covered island in South Atlantic Ocean covering about 19 square miles.
Read more about this amazing DXpedition on their webpage: http://www.bouvetdx.org/
The DXpedition will showcase the new 4O3A Signature Power Genius 1.5 KW VHF Amplifier.
This amplifier will enable the EME team to deliver full legal limit output into a 2 meter EME antenna array.

So does this amp have 2m as an option? Or is this a special edition just for the DXpedition?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Quite interesting note Ria, thank you  for update, may be special editiam with F6700?
 is anybody know about that ?
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Hitching a ride, I'm curious too

Thanks Ria
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The expert 1.3k goes to 4m,it would be a matter of filtration to get to 2m. So it might be doable with slight modification.
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The devices used in the HF-6 version are specified to 500 MHz, so I'm guessing that the "Power Genius 1.5 KW VHF Amplifier" is a re-configured 2-meter-only lash up that might be able to include 222 MHz, but probably 2-meters only.  Would be pretty easy to do by only changing the RF networks to the typical VHF coax transformers and leaving out all the different lowpass filter banks required for HF use.  Here's a look at different examples for different frequencies:  http://www.nxp.com/products/rf/rf-power-transistors/rf-broadcast-and-ism/1-600-mhz-broadcast-and-ism... 
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I want to build a LDMOS amp that is driven direct by the 6700. It's not hard. Just one or two pallets, combiner, a small driver stage and filters, switching and protection circuits. And of course a PS.
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Ria, have a look st W6PQL who has kits for 1KW amps. They are very easy to assemble
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That's exactly where I did most of my research. :)
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Hi Ria  if it may help 

W6PQL  RF-DECK  and low pass filter 

i use this board whit 5db attenuator at input for drive the BLF188xr

and finally a home made Arduino DUE based controller and protection board
whit Ethernet  for link to radio (soft ALC etc etc ...)  ,display is a 4D system intelligent display  

on 120V outlet i put 650W  ,1250w whit  240V

IMD was not the best but meed the regulation ,primary cause by hight gain and from  the  pre-driver board 

i have same for HF ;-)

73!  Marc L.  VE2OLM

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I remember seeing this. Very good. Yes this is a hobby project for me.
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I wonder if they will be able to produce full legal 2M output hooked direct to the Flex 6700 XTVR port with it low level RF output or if they will use a intermediate amp like the DEMI 2MLDPA.
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Reading the EME page for the DXpedition it appears DEMI is supplying two 2MLDPA's to the team so that answers my question.
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That is a separate model. Ranko has been talking about this for some time.. You can also look into Larcan commercial TV amps that have been pulled from service.