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Any feedback or reports yet on the Power Genius XL from those that have recently received their amps?

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K2CB Eric Dobrowansky

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Posted 2 years ago

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Bill -VA3WTB

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I can talk to communicating with people on the Power Genius XL. I have talked several times to Dave W2OX. He has had a great signal and his signal looks very clean.
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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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I don't think you'll see many of us discussing it here. That said, I use mine pretty much daily. If you know where to find me you can see it in action. 
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K2CB Eric Dobrowansky

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I happened to see and hear one on the air this afternoon. It was not one of the cleaner solid state amps I have heard on the bands. Even when the op reduced power output to 1kw, it still looked quite poor. When they switched to standby, their Flex exciter was quite clean.

I also overheard that the XL does not function well with adaptive predistortiion at this point. I sure hope it can be corrected with a firmware update.
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You are the second person I have heard say the amp wasn't clean.  Hopefully they will get that fixed soon as I hate hearing dirty signals on the bands.  I always get compliments on my signal using my old Ten Tec Titan but it would sure be nice not having to tune the amp every time I change frequency.  I have a Power Genius on order.
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Bill -VA3WTB

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The amp works well with pure signal, when it works..the problem is that the Anan 8000 has trouble working into the amp and the PA runs away and can't be controlled. Power output is all over the place. They say to try a new firmware coming soon for the Anan,,will see how it looks.

This info was from Dave W2OX. On his Flex last time I talked to him he was very very clean at 1400W. Thats good news.
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Actually there are other factors causing automatic adp to not work properly.
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Have they started shipping? Not unhappy, just curious.

I won't be able to use my PG XL  until I get finished building my Steppir DB18E. I am having to take down my  full wavelength  80 meter loop because it is currently in the way of my tilt-over, telescoping tower. It will be replaced with a 160 meter full wavelength loop which will give room for tilting over the tower. Work  on  the Steppir is going slowly because of my work schedule.

So I am not breathing down any one's neck. I am just VERY curious.

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I believe there are more unique people in posession of the amp now than there was two weeks ago. Not sure if thats alpha/beta or expansion of alpha or what, but I think N2RJ and K3WA have more recently received their first unit versus K9CT who has had one for some time. Whatever it is, I am glad they’re in such good hands.
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Beta testing is the alpha team. 

There was a production prototype which a few (advisory board) had. It's different from the current production model. That one was shown at Orlando. That has a smaller screen and a few things different as well as the case style being different. 

What I and others have now is the production model. This case design has been making the rounds and was also shown at Xenia hamvention, hamcom, Boxboro, 6 meter bbq etc. This is the final design.

FlexRadio and Sky Sat are tweaking software, so what we have now is not the final software product. Hardware wise, it is. It works well in most ways though, just a few things here and there need to be straightened out. Personally, I want to be completely satisfied before this makes its way to you. I am sure that everyone FlexRadio wants that too. 

We give continuous feedback to Sky Sat and FlexRadio team. I try to give them comprehensive reports when I use them in contests (sweepstakes so far, CQWW CW this weekend). I use it daily on air, as do others. 

I don't have a radio with adaptive predistortion software so I can't test that. Most people who have seen my signal on air says it's clean. I am on 40 and 80 most nights so you can see for yourself. Sometimes I rag chew in a group around 3785 except contest weekends. On contest weekends (major ones) I am in the contest. 

Regarding software updates - SmartSDR is tightly integrated but the amp can work with any radio. So they have firmware for the amp separately. 

Hope this clears up some things.

Ria, N2RJ
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Ned K1NJ

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      Right, Ria.  I figure the *units* have moved from an alpha stage to a beta
stage.  The test group has remained essentially the "alpha" group.  SS
is certainly a good workout.  You should have been able to break it
then if it were going to break.  Keep up the good work :)
     Thanks Howard for filling in some blanks that were not so obvious to me.
     What Flex has said now makes perfect sense.

               Ned, K1NJ
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For those of us with long memories, what is happening with the PG XL is roughly like the “SmartSDR Preview Edition”back in 2013. https://k9zw.wordpress.com/tag/smarts...

So what you hear on the air, and what you are told is all about the current level of the “development phase” in the Firmware and Software. It is all part of the lengths FRS goes through to make sure the general release rolls out smoothly!

We’ll need to look to FRS’s official announcements for development and general release status, and for final product specifics, rather than their development teams.

Along the lines of SmartSDR evolution, and a similar evolution in 4o3a’s other products, the really cool part is the opportunity for downstream improvements - that really cool part of this technology!


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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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One thing I did notice in SS that cost me a valuable run - the SWR protection is very, very fast. I had a loose PL259 in the back and the amp kept going to high SWR mid QSO. I thought it was a software issue or something else, then 3 hours in after running low power I figured, let me just run the antenna on the analyzer and see what's up.... lo and behold the connector basically slid right out. Grrrr. I retightened and it worked like a champ all weekend.

So with this amp you need to ensure all your connectors are well seated. The protection is very, very good. The ultra fast time means no arcing to damage things. 
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Has someone an idea when it comes to europa?
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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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No idea. Ask the dealers. They may know. 
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What kind of SWR mismatch will the amp handle? Only thing I have been able to read is that there is SWR protection.
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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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Around 2.5:1 with de-rating. It is just like SWR foldback. If you look at the manual, it explains what happens. The amp will reduce power to prevent damage and above a set SWR point it will return to standby mode. 

Mind you all of this will be moot with tuner genius.

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