power button fell off 6300, Flex cutting corners

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MY power button fell off  for no reason..

I have seen this happen a lot on this forum,

for a 2 grand radio (entry level model) they are  really cheap crap badly built with poor software that is like beta software.. I will NEVER buy Flex again  !

NEVER had a knob fall of any other radio, Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom ETC ETC.. and they dont cost the earth, you would think Flex would not be cutting corners considering the outrageous prices they charge.. Very Poor Flex, Very Poor..

It is ironic the there is only ONE  button on the Flex 6300 and they couldn't even get that right !

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Posted 3 years ago

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Great idea, I read these comments to see if I can glean a little advice from the folks who have much more experience with FlexRadio. Why must personalities enter into this? If someone is disappointed with their equipment can't they deal with FRS? If they post their complaints here and they aren't looking for a solution, they are looking for a response. The more responses the better they seem to enjoy it. Besides my delete key finger is getting sore again. 73 all
Jim WU7G
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The last time I saw a hardware/firmware problem, FRS brought all the radios that were impacted into the shop and repaired them.  They initiated the solution and advised their customer base how it would be corrected. 

When I have seen PowerSDR/SmartSDR software problems, each and every time they have been addressed and corrected.  Problems are, or at lease should be, expected as this is cutting edge technology that's still, for the most part, being invented and developed.

In all the store bought radios that I have owned over the years from the major manufacturers, both American and Japanese, I have never seen a problem addressed directly, publicly, within a day of it being presented, by the CEO of the company.

I'm not sure why some folks seem to have a propensity to bash Flex.  First, we had the eHam crown almost from the beginning who relentlessly tried to minimize every accomplishment that Flex made and literally villainize the company management.  Now we have those who believe that emerging technology shouldn't come along with a learning curve for either the developers or the operators. 

For as many bashers as there may be, there are many more people whose loyalty is rooted in experience.  Like I said, FRS isn't using mind control - there are a lot of people here who have been using these radios for years and love the product and the ownership experience.
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Flex does not need us to protect them. From what I see they can take care of themselves. The fan boys add nothing to the mix here nor do the guys that hate flex. Only the guys in the middle offer anything of value
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Again with the lovers and haters, oy vay. Lovers, fer sure. I think few, if any, hate Flex. It's likely more they appear as counterpoise to the first group. For the longest time I was openly accused of that, likely still am by some, including some employees. That, fwiw, is categorically, a misinterpretation.
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To quote 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, "How is this still a thing"?

Jim, to. answer your question, I think there are three groups here, one that constantly seem to get a case of the vapors and act like someone just insulted their boyfriend, another that thinks, for what they paid, they shouldn't be seeing the problems they are seeing and hearing about from others, and the last that like to stir the pot, rabble rousers.

Jim, you can always unsubscribe to individual threads.
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