Possibility of a DXpedition Ready Flex-6x00?

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Pondering over my very positive experience taking my Flex-6300 out for portable use, I'd like to pose the question whether some or all of the models could be made available in a "DXpedition Ready" grade?

My concept would be repackaging to include an onboard router and power management strip in a robust case that would be dust resistant, when closed up in transport mode splash resistant, a no/low mar non-slip exterior, extra user replaceable fusing and with all interior pieces positively located, connectors upgraded to latching inside and whatever else is need to make a basically "military style" field ready version.

Thinking the dual SCU of the 6700 would be awesome for use with more than one antenna, and a "DXpedition lite version" based off one of the single SCU models would suffice for the rest of us.

I know I'd appreciate the unified package and the robustness. 

Anyone else?




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Posted 5 years ago

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If you are seriously thinking of taking the 6x00 series on a DXPedition, make sure you contact support to see if your radio has had it's flash card secured.

My 6500 failed twice for a loose SD card.  Unfortunately, the design of the radio places this card under an RF shield on the radio motherboard at the bottom of the radio, and this shield is sealed down with a sticker that warns of voiding the warranty if removed.  Flex has since indicated that they have changed their manufacturing and testing procedures to resolve this issue, but it's a serious let down to have such an advanced and capable rig fail to such a trivial flaw 3/4 of the way through a major contest as the only active station in a DX country that weekend (VP2VGG).  Not much you can do to resolve, when you're on a remote island in the middle of the caribbean sea...  You just grab for the backup rig and keep going.

Even with the failure I experienced, I think the 6x00 radio is a FANTASTIC rig for DXPeditions.  It worked like a champ, pulling in the some of the weakest signals I've ever heard in a contest.  We received fantastic signal reports and more compliments on the audio quality than I can count.  We may have sold a few rigs along the way :)

One more thing to keep in mind regarding travel with the 6x00 series... the radios will not fit in any airline legal carry on luggage.  It's checked, or shipped, but you won't get it in the cabin of a commercial airline.  Happy to share photos and specs for how we transported the rig and its major accessories from California to the Caribbean.
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Couldn't agree more on the Pelican is clearly the way to go with this rig.

Here are a few shots of the 6500 that I checked from SFO > EWR > SJU > STT.  This is the core of the equipment we used as VP2VGG in the last ARRL 10m contest.

This passed all baggage weight and dimension requirements down to the Cessna 403  from San Juan to St Thomas - and didn't warrant TSA special inspection at any airport.

To start, I used a 1610 Pelican case with stock 3 layer foam:

Bottom layer, containing:
  • Windcamp FT-8x7 Headset/PTT/CAT Adaptor
  • MFJ Dummy Load
  • MFJ Antenna Analyzer
  • RigRunner 4005
  • FlexControl
  • NetGear ProSafe Plus Gigabit Switch: GS105Ev2
  • Alfa R36 Router
  • Homebrew USB powered RaspberryPI SDR Receiver
Second and third foam layer containing the 6500 and required cables and adaptors - everything in the box is powered off of 12v, via the RigRunner, so no wall warts or transformers to take up space:

Note, there is a layer of foam between the top of the 6500, and equipment from the first photo.

Fully packed, and ready for the baggage handlers.
All of my gear (including antennas and clothes, but not including laptop and other personal electronics) were contained in 2 Pelican cases - and weighed in at 105 lbs total.

Nothing missing, and nothing damaged by the airlines.  With the exception of a flakey flash card, a near perfect trip.
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Great job!  But, one question:  How thick was the 'not pictured' layer of foam between the rig layer and the dummy load / analyzer / rigrunner layer?
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A bit more than 1"between the rig and the gear layer below. Also keep in mind that the gear below does no exceed the foam height in the lower level, where it overlaps with the rig.

All other dimensions have a minimum of 2" of foam to another object.

After taking this on the road, I'm thinking of having a higher density foam insert, water jet to the correct dimensions for the gear. If I do, I'll be more than happy to share the design.
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What computer did you use?
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For the contest, we ended up with an older HP laptop - I don't recall the model.  I cranked the frame rate down, left DAX off, and only had a single panadaptor and slice running at any given time.  It worked relatively well.