Please get rid of Anonymous Posting

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During the recent conversations we got a niumber of anonymous posts that were clearly based on wrong or outdated information. It was pretty obvious that the anonymous posters had intended to missinform the questioners and maliciously lead them astray

They get away with such deeds because they can post anonymously and there is no recousre to them.

I would suggest that this community at least require a valid call sign or equivalent identification before anyone be allowed to,post heir opinions
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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response

Not everyone who purchases our radios are hams, so the callsign requirement is a bit limiting.  And some people are more privacy conscience and may not want to give their call and they have the right.

Also the Community is a place of openness and free of most reasonable restrictions.  This allows people to voice their opinions and ask questions without fear of censorship.  As the vendor side of this relationship, we actually derive more actionable information to make our products and services better when the comments are not all rainbows, cotton candy and unicorns. 

As such, the Community is a double edge sword; you get the good with the not so good.  This is the intent of a Community.  And the Community is also (mostly) self-correcting too.  If someone is misinformed, the Community tries to educate, as it should.  If someone shows up with a nefarious agenda, well, I think most folks can spot that easily and respond accordingly by not feeding the troll.  I understand very well where you are coming from and I appreciate the effort to protect the integrity FlexRadio, our brand and products and promote sale and truth.  Your intentions are well paced and honorable.  But I think it is better to err on the side of openness in the long run.