Persistence still not working correctly in 1.10.16?

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From my earliest release of SmartSDR on my 6300 prior to 1.9.xx I noticed that my Mic Profile always came up with an '*' in front of the name.  I have never changed any mic profiles and tried many times to Save Global Profile but it always came up as "changed" despite me Exiting with the profile unchanged and NO '*' in the name.  I read that there were issues with Persistence that would be fixed so I waited and now have 1.10.16 with the SAME problem.  I can select my saved Global Profile and the '*' goes away but when I start SmartSDR it comes back!  

That doesn't bother me much as I have never changed the mic profile anyway, BUT I just started using two Slices at the same time, updated my Global Profile (the only one I use for SSB) and Saved and Exited that Global Profile with Slice A active and TX on 20M.  Now when I start SmartSDR it comes up with Slice B active and TX on 17M, causing my amp, tuner, and coax switch to all go to the wrong band!  That's NOT cool.  So I now have to click my Global Profile every time I start SmartSDR to get my default settings back where they belong on Slice A 20M.

Am I missing something or is persistence still not working correctly in 1.10.16?

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Posted 3 years ago

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If you haven't saved a MIC or Global profile then the way I understand it it can't bring up anything but the Default Pre-Saved mic settings , be sure to save your Global settings to a different name when asked to save the profile, Doing this I have not had ANY problems with Persistence at my station.
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Have you seen the Flex document on Profiles?  I have attached a link to a copy in case you missed.

"The Profile Manager allows you to load/save/delete your Mic profiles but SmartSDR also provides a
shortcut for quickly loading a Mic profile. The shortcut is shown in Figure 2 immediately above the Mic
Selection dropdown and the Mic level slider. Clicking this dropdown shows a list of all Mic profiles and
allows you to quickly select a Mic profile. After a profile is loaded any modifications to any of the fields
stored in Mic profiles will add an asterisk (*) in front of the profile name to indicate that the values of
the profile have been changed and changes will be lost if a different profile is loaded. To save your
changes to the Mic profile use the Profile Manager to save the profile under the same name and the
asterisk disappears."

The link gets you to the whole document, a must read...

Dennis, k0eoo
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OK, some confusion was caused by my use of FRStack, which also remembers and sets some things BUT there is still definitely a persistence issue - the Active slice comes back as B every time after I Exit and Start SmartSDR when A was the Active slice even with FRStack NOT RUNNING. 

Because I have FRStack set to enable TX on the Active slice, Slice B is Active and TX when FRStack is started.  Starting SmartSDR BY ITSELF still results in Slice B being active, not Slice A that was active when I Exited SmartSDR.  

Can someone else confirm this behavior?  I don't see anything else to change in SmartSDR and it fails running SmartSDR by itself.  

This is obviously not a huge deal, I just want to make sure I get as much correct as possible using persistence, profiles, and FRStack - trying to understand who controls what.

YES, I have read the Profiles document and even made a cheat-sheet summary!  Still confusing and hard to remember for this old programmer with only 38 years of experience.