Perhaps a separate by paid subscription Tech's Community?

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Perhaps FRS would consider offering a separate forum using full identities/callsigns for the seriously interested on a paid subscription basis?

The advantages are numerous from end user's viewpoint - just saving time not having email notifications of non-contributory replies  show up and not wading through the "bar talk" smack would be worth a lot.

I believe there are a number of us who won't to post what we have in their stations due to the "envy posts" that follow.

I think there are ideas that are worth exploring that are not posted here due to the nature of the open community.

While the open community doesn't have eham style trolls, not all of the open community gnomes are friendly and many are fixated with only their own special situations. 

A private paid subscription (play badly and you get refunded and excluded) moderated non-anonymous, no sock-puppet forum could do much to create a nicer more useful experience for those who would like to post about their 4o3a units without the peanut gallery rag chewing about how for that much money they could buy a whole country in the 15th century or some other nonsense. 



Steve K9ZW

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Posted 4 years ago

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I can understand where your idea comes from and what motivates it. There are certainly "trolls" out there who love the comment negatively. If you would like to go that way, I wish you luck, but as a disabled veteran with a limited income I could not be part of it. That is the only problem I see with your idea.


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Having money doesnt equate to being anymore friendly, helpful or competent. You are also saying that only those who have money should influence the product road map. Anyone who chooses to have a constructive voice in the development of the product, support, praise, etc. should have equal opportunity to post as the next. No matter my financial situation I would be against any such forum. What should happen is that the community needs to be self policing (i.e. Treat others as you would like to be treated) with a watchful eye from the moderators. I believe that has been the case on both fronts with very few exceptions. I say the current system is working and doesn't need any change. I do admit being from New York I may be harsher/more critical than the typical, but also have thicker skin and can easily agree to disagree in the end. Like Steve Jobs once paraphrasicalky said, the best ideas always come from the teams with the most friction.
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Steve, you already have that, do you not? I haven't visited it much but my recollection is it is largely discussion of the Flex radios and you are moderator so only those you agree with or like can participate. Similarly, there is something, I believe is, akin to that that Jay and Bill have. So, without passing judgement on the wisdom of a completely homogeneous echo chamber, I believe you already have, at least, two options for that, perhaps minus the financial hurdle as Mike pointed out.

I do not know how many on here do not have ownership of a Flex 6000 radio. I suspect it is greater than zero. I, further, do not know why some, seemingly, refuse to use their call sign...well, beyond the obvious one. As for negative comments, there are some, displaying call signs, apparently highly regarded by some, that routinely make 'negative' comments. So I suspect 'negative' is in the eye of the beholder, correct?
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Steve - It would seriously surprise me if FRS entertained the thought of starting a paid subscription community.  Such an effort would isolate and divide Flex customers.  But there's no need to involve FRS with your idea.  You always have the option to start your own subscription Forum and see what happens. 

As for those who do not wish to disclose their "full identities and callsign" have you considered that perhaps people are concerned about their personal security, and security of their families?  There is more than one angle to consider, eh?

My thoughts?  Personally I wouldn't be interested in such a paid subscription tech community.  There are many of very intelligent members of this forum.  I reap the benefits of shared forum information, share information when I can, and ignore posts you don't like.  Simple.                
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Disclosing calls to hams, really? Do you think hams are the types to physically harm another? Have you seen many hams? I would fear a U.S. Marine, never a ham.
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Burt you seem to have jumped to conclusions and missed my point (again).    Congrats. 
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One idea would be to have an owners forum that only those with registered products can participate in.

Other idea, At my company we offer for those that purchase flagship products plus a subcription fee, the ability to sign up for a pro subscription / support ... Varying levels will give you different benefits such as access to loaner products, demo products, expedited repairs, product tune ups/cleaning, insider access to special forums , events, special discounts, etc. huge value add for our customers for those who subscribe. It's not cheap however very popular and nets a fair amount of revenue with high satisfaction. This I would consider...
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I think if people want to comment to Flex about the product in private as an idea,  they can always send a private email or if they need real help, just submit a help ticket. 

I have sent several of both and I have ALWAYS gotten a well-thought-out reply or help for my problem.  I find Flex to have the MOST customer-oriented staff I have dealt with and I do not think I have to pay anyone an additional fee to get the attention I need as a Flex owner or to push some particular feature or agenda.

Now, if someone was to build a contest station and gave Flex a check for 25 loaded 6700's, but wanted a particular feature installed, I am sure they would help the buyer out.  Called good business. 

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Steve, do start the forum......not too hard to do with available software. Let us know when it is up and running. How much will you charge? Require a serial number to join. I personally wont pay for a forum; but, I am sure others will.
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First off Steve, several parts of your post offends me. Secondly, I think we ALL (including myself) should grow thicker skins and just get along with each other. Lastly, the sooner this thread goes away - the better - in my opinion.

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I've appreciated the private emails and need to clarify I am not starting an alternative forum. (Nor do I run one).

Simply don't have the time. 

As for the emotively upset, hey this sort of forum isn't about you, so stop worrying.

YMMV folks - just like our fellow who states "several parts of your post offends me" and goes on to lecture that "we ALL should grow thicker skins and just get along with each other" - that we all have a certain self-centered interest in how we approach forums.  This self-interest usually contains more license for ourselves than others.  That is the nature of the human condition.

From the number of private emails there is obviously an interest in doing something like what I've proposed.

As an alternative perhaps if every post cost the posting ham some money? 

To be clear I am not suggesting this forum go away, rather their be a by-subscription non-public additional version.