PAQSO Party Redux

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Packed up and left Friday for the wilds of Potter County PA to participate in the PAQSO Party. My Pneumatic launcher got my 132 foot doublet up around 60 feet in the trees, And ladder line to an autuner set things up nicely. I was a little late getting on th eair Saturday, I had to reinstall the software, but that only took 10 minutes.

When Party time hit, 40 meters went signal to signal, yellow and red acrossall of the band except the section kept open for hurricane nets.

As for the radio's performance, all I can say is WOW. I could search and pounce at a remarkable rate. I had no difficulty on 40 and 80 meters at all, so I started running frequencies. and held my own among the QRO stations. Just as an example, I did better single Op barefoot than our 3 station Legal limit station did. <p>

20 meters was so so I think the 132 foot doublet was too lobey. Audio reports when I got them were good.

I finished with All 67 counties contacted, and almost 500 Q's.  I woud have had more but......

My Hile ProSet elite headset lost the mic in second morning of the contest. I hated that POC almost since the day I bought it it's like my head in a vice after 30 minutes (and bent metal pieces like they suggest,, the mic element is the same thing you can order for 99 cents off eBay, and meh. I will never own another piece of Heil equipment again.

So the much maligned mic that comes with the Flex filled in, and it did FB. But it's hard to type and hold a mic at the same time.

 But what a remarkable and potent weapon is this Flex signature series radio.
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