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I did not find any mention of this idea being previously posted after doing a quick search of the community, so here goes......

Has there been thought to adding panadapter profiles? Basically the idea is to be able to save profiles for a single panadapter configuration.

What I find myself frequently wanting to do is add a panadapter that I would have previously configured and saved for a specific band, width, mode, RX(s) + frequency(ies), DAX, etc. etc.. But then be able to add that previously saved panadapter to the overall currently running configuration of the 6K without disturbing (or by selectively disturbing) the panadapters (with or with out slice RXs)  that I may have already running.

I could see it being implemented as a right click option for the Add Panadapter button in the lower left. To deal with any all slice RXs being already in use contention issues, simply have a pop up open if all slice RXs are already in use and then allow the user to “take” one or more of them away from already running panadapter(s). And if all panadapters are in already use then that right click menu option allow you to pick which existing running panadapter that you want dismiss to accommodate room the new one that you want to add.

The global profiles are great for setting up all sorts of quasi memory frequencies and with differing number of slices and panadapter configurations radio wide. But it would nice to have more granularity to adjust what is already running on a previously configured and saved single panadapter level.
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Posted 4 years ago

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My biggest Panadapter request has been and still is bandedge markers as they relate to your license class.
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I second the markers to show the Band Limits by License Class, to many times I find myself outside of my operating Band.

Tim Hill - KI6LSB
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I completely agree!

For a radio this nice it really needs the ability to be able to save and restore a Panadapter.

Included in the Panadapter "save" would be the;
1. Band,
2. ANT,
3. Display,

I really like your "right click on the add new Panadapter icon in the bottom right" part of the screen.
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I must admit I'm rather surprised by how little discussion this idea has got. Am I one of only a few who would like to open pre-configured panadapters and slices without disturbing, or selectively disturbing the panadapter(s) slice(s) that are already running?

It is a bit tedious launching a new panadapter and then having to set it up to get to a specific width, slice(s), mode(s), frequency etc. vs. just grabbing a preconfigured one that will do exactly what you want.