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In spite of my difficult ordeal in having my 6700 repaired and the ensuing complaints I must give praise where praise is due.

As I've said before, the 6700 receiver is the best I've ever experienced. My 6700 seems to have settled down for the time being and is functioning properly. During the past week I've been fortunate enough to work a number of DX ops that always seemed to elude me.

Tonight I was able to snag Mongolia Zone 23 which was the last zone I needed for WAZ Digital and the zone I've been chasing for 8 months. I was running just 200 watts at the time with my Hustler 6BTV vertical.  Gotta love that 6BTV!

This will be a nice addition to the 5BWAZ, SSB WAZ and Mixed WAZ. Now I can set my sights on finishing up WAZ CW for a complete set.

As I told Gerald in our email exchanges I think the 6700 is the best rig on the market , my unfortunate experiences notwithstanding. I can only hope that things go smoother going forward.

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Posted 2 months ago

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I have an Hammarlund HQ-170, 60 years old, its sensitivity is the same as the Flex however every other receiving characteristic especially selectivity, filtering is miles ahead on the Flex.
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I've love to see the measured specs of your Hammarlund Burt because I have a really tough time believing your statement.  But receiver performance does go beyond the numbers into like or dislike.

I owned a Hammarlund and while it was the best receiver out there at the time. I definitely had better receivers in years that followed.  Like Pat I feel my Flex receiver is FAR better than anything I've ever owned.

I am helping organize a WWV event where we will operate stations from WWV's site in October.  I've taken my Flex 6600 to the site and setup with various antennas just a scant 500 yards or so from the WWV main antennas on HF.

Another gent brought his new Icom 7610.   The Flex 6600 was far less bothered than the Icom by the high RF going on around us.   The Icom required virtually all the NR to be on or you listened to WWV clicking away virtually on all bands.  The tones at the 1 minute mark could block a QSO.  The Flex with some DSP enabled allowed those 1 minute tones to move to the background some.

We could not even put the Icom on 30 meters as the WWV 10Mhz sig just swamped the front end.  The 6600 was not to happy on 30m but we did find a place where with NR on would could hear stations and maybe could work them.

I asked the 7610 owner if he could dial in some attenuation and that helped a little.  I did the same on the Flex and it cleaned up significantly.  So it was evident the pre-amps were getting nailed.
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Congratulations Pat!