One year with my 6700; thanks Flex!

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Received my 6700 last August in the general hardware release with beta software.  My first HF transceiver since I bought a used TR7 in 1993.  Concurrently put up a tower with an Optibeam OB9-5 and along the way collected a couple of amps (got a spare after my Alpha died the day before Phone SS last year) and various bits and pieces that I run over a LAN in the house.  Will post some new pictures on QRZ when I finish building out the rack and patch panel over the next few weeks.

After a year the score is around 4000 Qs, 220 DXCC worked and 180+ confirmed.  60% CW, 39% SSB, 1% Digital.  What have I learned?  The Flex receiver is phenomenal.  My noise level is S3 to S7.  During contests W6YX is +60dB over S9.  Outside their modulation skirts I have no trouble hearing anything.  I’ve confirmed that barefoot SSB is no fun, but it’s ok at 1KW.  Barefoot CW is just fine.  Split operation with two slices is more convenient than RIT/XIT (and why is the XIT vernier line so wide?).  I’ve learned Panadapter is essential.  Waterfall is nice, but there has to be a better way to visualize than Pan + Waterfall.  For DXing integrated skimmer and spots will be useful (was going to say transformational, but that depends on how they are integrated with loggers).

It took three tries to get a computer with enough CPU and GPU to run SSDR.  I’m a “thin client” skeptic right now, but I still hope to be proven wrong.  I’ve learned that SSDR + SmartCAT + DDUtil + logger + rotator control is way more fragile than it ought to be.  It works great 95% of the time and uses way more screen real estate than it should. 

I’ve learned that every version of SSDR so far has been better than the previous version.  I’ve learned that every version of SSDR so far has bugs, and so far none of them have been show stoppers for me.  It must be a sign of approaching feature completeness because Flex has started delivering software features I don’t use.

It’s not an official Happy Birthday, but wanted to stop and say “Thanks Gerald, Greg, Tim, Steve and the rest of the Flex team for delivering a great product AND building a community where your customers speak honestly about your product!  You should be as proud of the community as the product."
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Posted 5 years ago

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My thanks to the Flex gang too.
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since my 6500 landed. Perhaps the fact that it is new again every few months keeps it exiting and compelling.

I still use the 1500 for experimental MF, LF and QRP digital.

I took my Kenwood TS-480 away on a remote (no internet and marginal cell phone) holiday recently and it was like an old friend. Unfortunately my new laptop PC turned out to have a trrs combo speaker and mic port so no digital was done.

Back home and the Kenwood is back in its box.
Knobs are so 20th century. Virtual cables and a 27 " screen are cool.

Andrew de VK5CV