Ok,I understand what V0.15.13 doesn't do.....

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...So what exactly does it do/offer?
What reason (s) is/are  there to actually upgrade?
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Posted 5 years ago

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The fixes regarding the ATU and compressor slider being operation are my favorites.

Below is a list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes in SmartSDR v0.15.13

SmartSDR for Windows:
Fixed an intermittent defect that would result in poor opposite sideband image rejection
Fixed a defect where the radio would not recover if the Ethernet cable was disconnected
Added a feature where the Transmit Control panel is opened by default
The 8 kHz EQ control has been activated
Added variable TX bandwidth feature in Radio Setup ->Transmit tab
Refactored AGC Threshold gain slider values. Default AGC-T = 60 (100 dB)
Added feature to disable SmartSDR from connecting to FlexControl in Radio Setup ->Transmit tab
Fixed a defect where non-SmartSDR clients that create a slice were automatically assigned to the XVTR antenna port
Added a feature to auto close Spectrum Display menu options after use
Fixed ATU defect where ATU fails to tune if out of ham band tuning was attempted
Fixed ATU defect where operation was erratic when in CW mode
Fixed a defect where ATU attempts to tune a high SWR load and reports SUCCESS then goes to BYPASS
Fixed a defect where speaker noise was heard on exit
Fixed several defects that were responsible for operational instability
Improved RX filter sharpness (steeper skirts)
Fixed a defect that could result in intermittent loss of audio from the speaker output
Fixed a defect there the CW WPM control would not work above 50 WPM
Fixed a defect were CW elements would randomly be dropped
Added QSK CW keying (low latency switching)
FSK line connected to “CW DOT” for keying through the ACC connector
Fixed a defect where slices would not tune properly if SmartSDR was expanded to > 4096 pixels
Added a feature where the SmartSDR console and forms location is saved on exit
Added a feature where GPS data is displayed in Radio Setup ->GPS tab
Fixed a defect where Power LED would incorrectly indicate a GPSDO in standby when GPSDO is not installed
Fixed a defect where GPSDO was incorrectly indicating it was installed when it was not
Fixed a defect were a clicking sound could be heard when GPSDO equipped FLEX-6000s were powered off
Fixed a defect where GPSDO equipped FLEX-6000s would show the radio as being Available when the Power LED was green
Audio Compression gain slider control is now operational
AM is now operational for transmit
Performance improvements made to ANF, NR and NB
Fixed a defect were the RX would “desense” if NB is enabled
Fixed a defect were radios opened up for MARS TX operation would revert to a locked state when the radio was rebooted
Fixed a defect where the SmartSDR console could be expanded greater than 3000 pixels wide
Fixed a defect where S-Meter was reading 10 dBm high
Fixed a defect where intermittent TIMEOUT errors were occurring on GPSDO enabled FLEX-6000s
Fixed a defect where AGC would cause a delayed TX->RX transition

SmartSDR CAT has been upgraded to version 1.1.5
CAT: Fixed a defect where FLEX-6000 IP address was truncated
CAT Fixed a defect in the radio list where FLEX-6000s were not removed when disconnected or closed.
CAT: Fixed a defect where SmartSDR CAT would not reconnect properly if the radio was rebooted.
CAT: Additional minor defect corrections
CAT: Fixed a defect where AsyncSocket server crashed under certain circumstances when a client disconnected
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re: ............... Spectrum Display menu ....................

Where is the "Spectrum Display menu" ?
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This is the menu on the left side of the Panadapter.
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The Spectrum Display menu window(s) are the windows that pop up when you use the control buttons on the upper left side of the Panadapter. They now 'time out' and close automatically after a set time... saves more clicking... nice little 'feature'.
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This is a great conversation that's separate from the main topic, so I created a new Praise topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Panadapter auto menu close
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Just made a contact on AM last night, this is another feature new to release v0.15.13.

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