Ok guys, I can't find a way to do this

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Working lots of the JT modes, I use 3 monitors. SSDR on far left monitor.. JT programs on center monitor.
I'd like to keep the Slice Flag all the way to the left side of the screen so as to see the signals in the panafall. Trying to work the weak ones.
Is there any other way to prevent the Flag from returning to the center of the screen upon transmit other than clicking the 'Lock Icon'?
And-Or is there a way of displaying that the Lock feature is currently enabled?

A couple of times I left and upon returning I couldn't qsy the flag.
and duh>>>I couldn't find the small blue lock button. again.

My suggestion, if possible, to cause the 'lock' icon to blink when it's enabled.
It's kind of small, and I'm kind of forgetful, and spent a lot of time this morning trying to find it again.

Pse and tu, if someone has a better idea please email me direct via bill@w9ol.com

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Posted 3 years ago

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Bill... I work JT65 and 9 all the time and I'm not sure I understand when this change is happening and why...  

But, I specifically setup a profile for WSJT-X.. also I set the slice I'm working to DIGU and a 5K wide signal.. when I select from the WSJT-X signal screen a cq call it will transmit my reply on that portion of the signal to that station.. nothing changes in the SmartSDR slice.. no lock needed and I can switch to a different band without issue

I can show you screen shots if it will help...

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Bill do you use ddutil?
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I found a way to do what I want. I enable the small 'lock' icon in SmartSDR.
Only problem is....sometimes I forget to take the lock 'off'.
I wrote a sugestion that the Lock icon in the Flag blink when enabled.

Thanks to those who wrote, The Lock icon in the flag works just find. Should have though of it earlier.