Occasionally No TX Audio with Footswitch PTT

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This is actually a continuation of an old thread that was closed about 10 months ago.  Tim Ellison said they were aware of the issue & that they hoped to have a fix in v1.2.  This is to confirm that the problem still exists in v1.3.8.

After a week of heavy operation as W1AW/9, I noticed that about 2-3% of the time there would be no transmit audio when I pushed the footswitch, .  The radio would go into transmit mode, but no audio.  Releasing footswitch & activating it again always fixed the problem.

73, Ray, K9DUR

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Posted 5 years ago

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I have seen the exact same thing happen. It seems totally random and I agree with the 2-3%.

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John n0snx

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Ditto all the comments ... V1.3.8 (2)6300's
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Same here. Flex 6500 1.3.8

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Just finished W1AW/7_MT today and noticed same running RTTY, but infrequent. Digital macro would run, but no output using 6700. PTT, DAX settings, etc. all okay. Just repeated TX and it generally was working properly. No cause or solution known yet. 1.3.8.
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I had it too on SSB w/PTT footswitch,  and sometimes on SSB/VOX and other times on RTTY (with PTT via the CAT).  I think Tim said they were fixing this on 1.4?  I suspect that the PTT is getting "hit" at the exact moment when the rig is attending to something else. (highly technical analysis) 
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NX6D Dave

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I've seen it both on footswitch and on CAT connected PTT commanded by FLDigi.  In the second case I haven't seen the transmitter come on, judging from the green light on the front panel that doesn't turn red.  I think if I cycle the DAX button on the SSDR display, the problem resolves.
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I have also seen this many times.  The fix for me was to use a different foot switch.  Since I changed foot switches a few months ago, it has not failed again.
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Official Response
Ray - we fixed some debounce issues in v1.2, but it looks like something else is going on, so I have entered a new defect into our bug tracker for this issue.  Thanks for the report.
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Tim -- In a case like this, where you have entered a new bug report, it would be interesting to know the outcome of the report.  Is this a problem that can be recreated in the software lab?  No?  If so, can a change be made to the code to correct it?

I realize that this additional detail takes time, and time is money, and I realize that information about a fix could lead to a lot of requests for patches to installed systems, but ...

It would be good to know that we're on our way to seeing this problem in the rear view mirror before long.


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If I have any additional information on this, I'll try to provide an update.
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I have this problem too.  I've seen it with a foot switch and with a desk mike with PTT through the front connector.  This problem also happens with my second microphone.  I get no TX audio about 1% - 3% of the time, release PTT and re-engage will always fix it.  In the old days, I would suspect a flakey relay contact, now I would think some kind of timing/race condition.

Flex-6300, mic audio through front panel connector.

Best, John KB1YFD 
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Similar situation with the microphone that came in the box for the 6700.  I thought  I was not squeezing the PTT hard enough; a release of the PTT and engaging again cures the problem.  
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This sounds like a switch debounce issue.
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After having run some more contests and running frequencies as W1AW/9 and for the Centenniel QSO Party, it seems to me that it happens more frequently when I have DAX activated so I can use my voice Keyer and digi programs.

But it still happens with the DAX switch turned off. I don't know if there is an actual correlation or not.

It also seems to be happening more in v.1.38 than in the previous software.
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Same sort of debounce issue observed here on my Flex-6700