No Panadapter date in Windows 10 Insider Preview

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I'm using the Windows 10 Insider Previews, and in the last release, 14361 and current release, 14366, I'm having issues with the panadapter display. (I believe that I saw another question a few days ago, but can't find it now)
Everything works, except that I don't see the activity in the waterfall and spectrum in the pan adapter. I can hear, I can tune. When I move to a Win7 machine, it works.

It was working in the previous version, until I uninstalled to get the DAC a little happier, but once reinstalled, It's no longer happy. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, with no difference.
I've reset the 6300, I've removed the info in the roaming directory.

Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else in the Windows Insider Preview having similar issues?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I do not intend this to be a snarky remark and please do not take it in that way, but why are you installing Insider Previews (beta) versions of Windows operating systems on a production level PC?  I would never consider installing a beta OS on a PC that I use for anything remotely operational in nature.

So now what you need to do is completely uninstall the SmartSDR ecosystem and reinstall from scratch.  Use this procedure as a guideline for removing everything.  Then install the latest version of SmartSDR.

And seriously, I would reconsider installing Insider previews on any machine that you cannot stand to be without.
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AGREE 100%
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A) This isn't a production level machine, I have others for that. Ham Radio isn't production level for me.
B) Since Microsoft products are my job, it is important for me to run the previews and determine what issues do exist with them.
C) As I mentioned, I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times.
D) Oh, and by the way, the definitive uninstall KB that you mentioned, isn't definitive. There's more to remove than what the article refers to. I had found it previously and support did confirm it with me. You may want to update the article.
E) This wouldn't be as big of an issue if my Maestro was sitting on the desktop:-)

By the way, the OS preview that I am running on is about to get released to the world in a very few weeks as the Win 10 Anniversary update. So you may want to think about paying a little more attention. It is possible that SmartSDR may have problems for many more of your users.

But, back to business. I'm just wondering if anyone else Is having similar issues. Trying to narrow it down as to whether it is an machine, OS, or user issue.

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Win10 insider previews have become notorious for breaking things.

I have several applications that have been rendered non-functional in the insider preview that work perfectly in the mainstream release of Win10.

The Insider Preview program is a beta test of your operating system. It should not be used for anything you really need to work.



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I had almost the exact same symptoms when I first installed my rig a few weeks back. The solution was that the firewall (I used Vipre, not the WIndows firewall, but I'm sure the effect would be the same) was blocking the SmartSDR program; even though it looked like it was fully connected, it wasn't.  Setting a rule to allow the program through the software firewall fixed everything. 

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For obvious reasons I cannot speak for Flex however I know of no production GA product, software product, that is supported on a non GA version of an operating system.
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I'm not asking for official support here. This is a community forum. I'm bringing up an issue that I have and trying to see if others may be in the same boat.
As I mentioned, the version that I am on is about to become general availability, essentially a release candidate, which would mean that I would expect Flex to think about supporting it.

Am I complaining about it? No. Am I expecting a resolution to it? No. I know that it is prerelease software.

Is it something that may break SmartSDR for many people in less than 2 months? Possibly!
And with Windows 10 home edition, you don't have the ability to defer the upgrade. Are you ready for it to get deployed to you on Wednesday before a contest weekend? Evidently that's fine with you. Me? I'd like to see the problem addressed before it goes GA and breaks everyone.
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This latest version (14366) is NOT the code that will be released soon. Publicly MS has stated they are going through a "bug squash hunt" so there are several things that may/will change in the code.

With that said, more than likely a firewall  program is blocking the vita-49 data stream. Usually completely uninstalling and reinstalling SmartSDR will fix it but you may need to make exceptions in the firewall program for SmartSDR.

For anyone looking to upgrade to a new version of Windows 10 I suggest first deleting any virtual ports in SmartSDR CAT then completely uninstalling SmartSDR before rebooting and upgrading. Once upgraded reinstall SmartSDR and recreate the virtual ports. I've been using this method for testing each upgrade with good success.

As Others have mentioned, it is not advisable to run the beta builds on a production machine but if you want to run it to test knowing that something may break then have fun.


Dave wo2x

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Ed Woodrick

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I indeed did try Dave's suggestions. I'm not running any 3rd part AV software, just the stock Microsoft firewall and AV. I can see the rules for SmartSDR in the firewall for all ports inbound and outbound (actually, not an optimal configuration), but I even disabled the firewall and it didn't work.

Video updates, hmmm. This is a Surface Pro 3 and there might have been some updates recently.
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I am an inveterate tinkerer and have installed virtually all of the insider versions.  I have had no problems with any insider versions and SSDR.  
My issues have been with the last few preview versions breaking DDE which is necessary for DXSuite.
I only use the windows firewall.
I, of course, maintain a separate drive with the official release version of windows 10 for my production machine.
For me tinkering with the computer ranks right up there with radio as a valuable hobby.
Please keep us posted with your results.  Good Luck.
Gene K3GC