No built in WiFi ??Here is the answer.

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When I bought my Flex 6300, I wished it had WiFI like the more expensive Flex. I found an easy cheap solution, It plugs in the wall and has an on board Ethernet  port. The Flex plugs into it and it transmits right to my router about 35 Ft away. I could not run such a long wire, it's to cumbersome.  I have dogs and they would trip on it. It's called a Wifi extender but as I said it has the Ethernet port, I just plug it in and named it Flex, When I go remote,  away from home, It also works fine, because I am using it to connect to the internet so my radio is always on line.  No issues yet. When I am at home, I just connect to my WiFi Signal that says Flex. They can be bought under 20,00. Just make sure they have the E port on them and you got an almost built in WiFi.. Try it. Let me know how it works as I am very very happy and saved money.. And NO long Cat 5 cable running through the den into the living room.  I like to get away from my shack and camp out on the couch with my laptop, I also use a totally wireless headset made for telephone that I converted for ham radio. It plugs into the Mic jack and another plug into the headphone jack on the Flex and I'm cord free, Plus I can run it into my rack gear for great audio. This I can only use at home. When I remote away from home, I have to use the PC audio , No problems. And No, It's not Blue tooth. By plugging into the headphone jack, I can use my vox too. Good stuff...And you can't tell any difference that I am on a wireless headset. I swear by it... 
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Correct.  None of the Flex 6000 series radios have WiFi built in.

The reason being is that WiFi is hugely problematic for high priority streaming data like HF radio traffic.  If you are old enough to remember, we refer to it as a telephone party line.  :)  If possible, a Wired LAN will give you so much better experience and is highly recommended.

That being said, we do have a WiFi LAN adapter in our store that you can connect to your radio.  It does work, but it is not perfect.  I spent a few weeks testing it with 'ok' performance.  90% of the time it was perfect.  The other 10% of the time it would drop data packets (this is not a fault of the radio) or it would just drop off my network.   

You can search in the community and see all the testing I have done over the years on WiFi performance for streaming data.  It was an eye-opener.  Today's WiFi is truly busted.

We do sell it as an option for you to try.  If it works, wonderful.  If you have issues, there isn't anything we can do to make it better, unfortunately.  

I hope that helps to explain a few things.  

Mike va3mw