No audio or Pan adapter

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I have no audio or pan adapter,  smartsdr connects weird sounds coming form speakers.
Happened while monitoring.

After doing below trouble shooting getting 3 blinking red lights, do another hard reset back to original problem.

Voltage at Flex  13.87V

OS WIn 10

Running Intel I7 8700 12 Cores 16 gig of ram
Video card is a GTX 1060
Flex 6400 2.28 or 2.37

Done so far

Hard reset has been done
swapped Network cables
did Link Local direct connect to pc
tried a different pc same results

was at 2.37 when problem occurred.  went to 2.28 same issue.


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Posted 2 years ago

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based on the three flashing reds...seems to be boot errorsee error codes below
may need to reload radio s/w
if that doesnt workthen most likely h/w issue and need to open help desk ticket

error codes from manual6400/6600

Power Button Color Codes
The Power button is used to turn the radio on and off and is illuminated with a number of colors to indicate the radio’s operational state:
* FLASHING GREEN: Radio is starting or shutting down 

* SOLID GREEN: Radio is in receive mode 

* FLASHING RED: See Error Conditions below 

* SOLID BRIGHT RED: Transmitting on PA 

* SOLID DIM RED: Transmit engaged, but transmit interlocks are not ready. Refer to the SmartSDR documentation for description of the transmit interlocks. 

* SOLID ORANGE: Transmitting on XVTR port with low power 

* SOLID PURPLE: Radio is performing a software update 

* FLASHING WHITE: Radio is performing a reset to factory defaults 

* OFF: Radio is off 

* Error Conditions 
Certain hardware and software error conditions cause the radio to stop operating and display an error code by flashing the Power button light as follows: 

* One red flash: Fan malfunction 

* Two red flashes: Software crash 

* Three red flashes: Boot failure 

* Four red flashes: Input power over voltage 

* Five red flashes: CPU overcurrent 

* Six red flashes: Input power under voltage 
In the case of a software crash, the error code repeats for about 15 seconds, then the radio will reboot. In the other cases, the error code repeats until the Power button is pressed, then the radio shuts down. An additional press of the Power button is needed to restart the radio. 
Avoid removing power from the radio when it is performing a software update (power button is solid purple). Doing so may result in the radio becoming unresponsive. 

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I happen to hit my desk with my chair and the sound came back.  The I tapped the side of the Flex 6400 even more sound.  So I shut every thing down, and removed the top cover and inspected and pressed on all the cables and RF connectors.  Also found the metal heat sink Pre (PEN) was sitting on some round traces.  So  I removed the fallen heat sink and put cover back on and powered the radio up and behold "ITS ALIVE" and working.
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You should put it back in there on the chip and ty-wrap it in place
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heat sink is back in place I used a tiny piece of Laird heat sink sticker and wire tie. Still waiting on a call or email when to send my radio in to get the official PEN for both procedures done.