NM9P celebrates retirement and move to a new location.

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Just a quick note to my Flex Friends....

The movers unloaded all of our stuff into our new home in Lafayette, Indiana, today. (We are occupying the house, but I cannot say that we are “moved in.” )

After some 35 years of ministry in the United Methodist Church, I will officially be granted “Retired” status at our Annual Conference Session, effective July 1st. June 2nd was my last Sunday in the pulpit. Until then I am “on vacation,” which means....unpacking the house.

I hope to get some sort of station working within the next few weeks, but we are currently in the “I don’t know where anything is” phase!

Right now I am going through “Flex Withdrawal Syndrome.”

See you on the air soon!

Ken - NM9P
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Ken - NM9P

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Posted 5 months ago

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Clay N9IO

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Congratulations Ken on your retirement. I can identify, only s few years behind you. It's certainly a big win to get to this spot in life vertically. Many hams in Lafayette good club and even a hamfest in your backyard. You're not too terribly far down the road from me and certainly inside the SMC circle. Good luck on rebuilding your station. Pinch youself it really happened.
de N9IO
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Congrats on retirement Ken !  I just wish you had moved into the PVRC circle :)
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Clay N9IO

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Hey Joe PVRC recently got Bill K3WA in your ranks.
Can't have em all. Hi...
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Dave - W6OVP

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PVRC circa 1960-61 (W4PAI)
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Joe Sartori - K3WTF

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Congrats Ken.  I sure know you deserve it.  Now you will be able to help out the other Flexers with the Audio!!!!  Hope to see u on the bands

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Mark - WS7M

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Congrats Ken!   The air waves have been more open since your station is down and that is not a good thing!

Do I see a PGXL and a massive tower and beam in the retirement package?  

Mark - Ws7M
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Ken - NM9P

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A tower for sure, but it will take a while for planning and construction. Probably about a year.
A PG XL? I dream. Finances uninsured. An upgrade to a 6600 might be first. But this is a marathon, not a sprInt!
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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Congratulations Ken!  

What is next now that you've done the (first) move part?

Wishing you all the best in a new phase of life!


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Cal Spreitzer

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Congrats Ken!  If the "Flex Withdrawal Syndrome" gets too much for you to handle we can set you up a remote login.  All the best!  73

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Ken, good luck in your endeavors. I know what it's like to disturb a hobby.
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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You are about to find that ur so busy that you wonder when u ever had time to work

Bon Chance de Paris
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Bill W2PKY

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Retirement is "Just another job"  enjoy!
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congrats Ken! good luck and enjoy
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Gayle Lawson

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Congratulations Ken, thank you for your service to the church and your community.   You are now entering the busiest period of your life.

73 and enjoy

Gayle K0FLY
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Michael N3LI

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Ach! Flex Withdrawal syndrome is very painful. Good luck on your retirement. It really does beat working by a long shot - 73 Mike N3LI 
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Rick WN2C

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Congratulations on retirement Ken. Now you have to really go to work on all the honey doo's.
Ahhhh... retirement, where everyday is Saturday except Sunday.
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Rick Hadley - W0FG

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Congrats, Ken. I’m sure you’ll enjoy retirement as much as I do. If Flex withdrawal hits too hard, shoot me a PM and I'll fix you up with a SmartLink connection to my station,, modest as it is.
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Dave - W6OVP

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This could be a very interesting "practical test" of the capeability if the players were to report back from time to time.

PROTOCOL QUESTION: If Station A owns a Flex 6000 station and it is used by Station B in this manner, how should Station B identify? Thinking back many decades I think the station license and operator licenses were considered separate, therefore ... ???
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James Whiteway

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Congratulations Ken! Enjoy your retirement!