New Flexradio signature VHF UHF transceiver.

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Does Flex have plans to make a VHF UHF radio. I know you can use a transverter but having a designated Flexradio for VHF UHF would be great.  
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I don't know about a new whole new radio but a 2m / 70cm transverter to go with the 6000 series would be cool!
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The problem with conventional transverters is that they only cover 2 or perhaps 4 MHz.  Marginally OK on 2 meters, but inadequate for 70 cm if you have wide interests.  The VU5K was great in that it gave you full coverage of both bands.  Don't see Flex doing this, but it would be great if someone like DEM would work with them and come out with a full coverage transverter package.  And while we are dreaming, an additional transverter output for other bands, as did the VU5K.

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It would be nice but my guess is there wouldn't be enough demand to make it worth the developmental effort for FRS.  Consider the situation with the VHF/UHF module for the Flex 5000.  The effort wasn't replicated for the 6xxx series.
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Maybe the Flex 6800 will have 491.52 Msps and cover through 70cm without a transverter.  
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Now that would be very nice!
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... it would be great if someone like DEM would work with them and come out with a full coverage transverter package.
That would be really attractive personally.  In all honesty one worries that they will buy a bunch of pricey gear that just doesn't quite work right or play well with each other, especially if you do not have somebody to elmer you through the learning curve.

I'd be really happy to buy "satellite kits" of stuff known to work well - maybe a series of kits like:

  • Basic Transverter Kit
  • Multi-Band Transverter Kit
  • Basic Satellite Software Kit
  • Portable Antenna Kit (or an Omni Antenna Kit - something to get you going)
  • Antennas with Az-El Rotator with Software Kit(s)
  • and so on....

I could see myself buying in, and then buying upwards as I learned & mastered each "kit" - provided I can replenish my radio fund quick enough.

Would be excellent if FRS endorsed the packages after some basic quality checks, even if they didn't sell them directly at FRS's store.  

Basically I'd be willing to pay the going rate if I knew I wasn't in the dark buying gear that just doesn't quite work well or lacks the expansion to be a long term part of the shack.

Now if each kit came with tutorials and resources... yeah!!



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Here is a dream... That one day maybe FRS or someone could make an ad-on dual transverter made just for SmartSDR and the 6000 series radios.

I could see this as a FlexRadio Exclusive product. Maybe called a “SmarTransverter”?

These would be just a few of the basic features that would be important to me.

- A true Dual Wide Band smart transverter that is designed just for the 6000 series flex radios and SmartSDR.

- Minimum 75 to 100W RF Output @ %100 duty cycle.

- Made to look like the rest of the current 6000 radio line and also the ability to rack mount.

It’s OK to dream a little.;)

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I would be happy if FRS built the radio with vhf/uhf coverage installed just like they did for 6 meters. Look how many Icom 746's and TS2000'S were sold.