Network+switch Which should I buy?

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I ordered a 6300 today and need to buy a network switch so I can use the single network cable in the shack.  I wonder if anyone had a recommended switch?  I read that some of the switches are "Green" and power down the ports causing some problems.  I am also worried about RFI.

I would like one in a metal case, but I guess it really doesn't matter.


Joe K0BX
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Posted 5 years ago

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I suggest a "brand name" Netgear, DLink, ASUS, etc. I have has poor luck with those cheaper names. Also, make sure it is a Gigabit switch...

I'm using a D-link 5 port Gigabit switch - perfect for my needs. (metal case)

My. .02

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Joe - a metal case does matter; it is a Faraday cage. Enuff said.  A lot of consumer Ethernet switches can be bad RFI emitters and with the FLEX-6000 series, you can see as well as hear it.  In most cases the saying "you get what you pay for" is applicable.  You will get a lot of recommendations here and that is good since the users making the recommendations have real world experience with them.

I use a small business, managed Cisco SG 200-08 Gigabit Ethernet switch.  It is a little pricey, but it works exceptionally well. It is very quiet and has enough advanced capabilities that it satisfies the old network IT engineer geek in me.  It may be a little over kill for the casual shack, but I still recommend it.
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Caution on the metal cage.

I ounce purchased some under-cabinet LED lights, and I chose the drivers that were in a metal case. This driver injected RF all over HF. I had previously purchased the same lights that had a plastic covered driver and it does not show up on the panadapter. Changing the metal driver to a plastic covered driver did fix the issue.

I think in the metal case was acting as an antenna rather than a Faraday cage.
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With those metal cases, take some time to clean the paint away from touching surfaces. Makes a difference.
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Thanks everyone for their options; it really helped.  I only want to buy once.
I decided on D-Link DGS-105,  no fan, metal case and is a Gigabit.  I am only going to have the hamshack computer and the Flex on it.

BTW, today is Thursday, I ordered the FLEX-6300 on Tuesday and received it today!!!  Not bad for Xmas time.

Cu guys on the air.

Joe K0BX
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I opted for a switch that provides Power Over Ethernet (POE).  It is very well built and provides power to my IP security cameras.  Mine is built by TRENDnet.  I'm sure there are others around that do just as good of a job.  Ports not configured for POE run at Gb speed, POE ports run at 100 Mb. Plenty fast.  We can have the TV streaming a Netflix movie, 8 panadapters going on the 6700 and to NAS recording HD video from 4 cameras all at the same time, without any problem at all.

I don't run any wall warts here.  All devices were purchased only if they operate off of 12v DC.  I run them to fused receptacles on a RigRunner which is connected to a 12v bank of golf cart batteries.  This includes the switch, router, external NAS, powered speakers, lights - everything.  Nice and quiet.  Another plus is when the commercial power goes out, everything continues to function without a single hiccup.  Except the amplifiers of course.

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Is this the one

There seems to be Cisco SG 200-08 and a Cisco SG 200-08 P  I cant find the difference between the P version and the non P.

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The "P" version has Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.  Needed for VoIP phones, most commercial wireless access points and some security cameras.