Network status indicator going red/yellow/green

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on week 2 using the 6600 and i'm noticing that the network status indicator goes red during band change fairly often and especially going to/from 40M and network status indicator logs 1 or 2 dropped packets... I didn't see his on the 6300, anyone else seeing this behavior?  
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Posted 2 years ago

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I see similar indications when changing bands, My guess is band changes interrupt, the stream of data as the rig stops the audio stream and then restarts it and then refills the buffer. A few dropped packets might also be produced during the switchover, as the buffer empties and refills. Just a guess.

It's probably also affected by the ethernet connection type, (WiFi 2g, WiFi 5g, or the Wired negotiated packet rate/bandwidth, there is a 10x packet rate difference between 1000Mbs and 100Mbs connections, the slower rate has 10x more spacing between packets, as in a lower probability of an errored packet because there are 10x fewer. A few dropped packets are going to be the norm I think, but continuously dropping packets would be of concern. Pay attention to the percentage of dropped packets over time, a good connection will show 0.00% dropped over time, even with a few dropped packets having been seen.

But yes I see the Network Quality Indicator icon cycle thru red/yellow/green when I change bands.

The software likely discards/drops some of the packets that look a little like errored packets. 

73, Jay / NO5J

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Not sure that my experience applies.  I'm at our winter QTH and away from my Flex 6300 but I have noticed, usually after a Windows 10 update that Windows often comes through and resets all subsystem/device power usage settings to "green" values.  It reduces power consumption and performance of your LAN/Ethernet card.  I have noticed network quality readings going all over the place but have usually been able to correct it by setting all related network device parameters under Device Manager to max. performance/power consumption settings.  Good luck!