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Have you ever wondered what goes on between your FlexRadio and PC ?  Bandwidth and port wise or how much bandwidth a full frame-rate waterfall really needs?  Well here is a nice graphic for reference - the Flex has an IP address of and my PC running windows 8.1 has an IP address of  - this is a two hour chart.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Larry Loen WO7R

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So, 4.5 megabits per second.  That's not going to flow over commercial ISPs to remote locations.  At least, not the ones I am familiar with.
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what program are you using to make the measurements?
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Agree on the 4.5 meg - I have not tired the 1.4 remote mode - my understanding is that FRS worked a LOT on getting that bandwidth compressed to work in remote mode in the 1.4 code.   As far a measurement tool - that is part of the Meraki dashboard built into Meraki switches.
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Hi, All

As Flex Team said, 1.4 version is LAN ready, but with improvements that will allow WAN client developement for the future 2.0.
When testing bandwidth you ought close CAT and DAX and switch on REMOTE audio.
Here tested in my home LAN with "Wireshark" on my 6300, 200khz of the 40m band display on 24" monitor:

Full rate and FPS settings:

And minimal settings: 1FPS and rate value 1, no averaging:

As Flex team said elsewhere, you can now fine tune your Bandwidth requirements 2Mpbs-0.2Mbps.

Going from LAN to WAN is a very different story and link quality depends on all the equipment between you and the other side. In addition, as we are dealing with UDP packets, without QOS, you can be sure to have packet loss in congested networks.

We have tested remote with 100Mbps/5Mbps with a 35ms pings, same cable company (both sides on different Cities 30km apart).
RX quality is fine, without noticeable drops, not yet tested SSB TX, but on CW (our  usual mode) is Fine. Preliminary test show about 200-250Kbps bandwidth used. 

This kind of rigs was my dream from year 2002, when we make the first 2.4Ghz 22km LOS link to our remote Site. We used 2 x Dlink DWL900ap+ with homebrew antennas using SAT-TV dishes and helicoidal illuminators.
Was fun to link our radio cluster to Inet and be able to use FT100D on cw and phone in VHF/HF, from the 1000m ASL quiet site. Now we can use a PC-Less remote!!

Thanks Flex to make real my dream.
By the way, after two weeks, sold my beloved FT2K, it was collecting dust.

73  from Niceto
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This is good stuff!!  The ability to tune your plan bandwidth is really the special sauce in 1.4 - my example was running 1 slice with "all knobs to the right"  Thanks for sharing Niceto
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Can you send the chart a little larger, can't read the numbers


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Which chart ? iF you click on the images they open up bigger.