Need a new feature....MAKE THE MON BUTTON flash when not enabled!!!

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It's hell to get old and even dumber than when you were young.....STORY!
I spent hours last night and this am trying to figure out what was wrong with my system.
Changing com port pairs, checking wiring. Checking the software settings.
Finally, spotted that *%$#$ MON button was disabled!
Oh well, wasn't any stations I needed to HEAR anyway!

Feature request...when the MON button is not enabled, have it blink in YELLOW!
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Posted 6 years ago

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I'm not sure how not having the MON button activated kept you from hearing anyone. MON activates the transmit monitor so that you can hear your own transmitted signal in the headphones (or speakers, if they are not turned up too loud.) Could you elaborate on exactly what was happening?

Or were you referring to the "Mute" buttons?
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on my system, accidentally clicking on the MON button, (turning it from RED to BLACK) disables any cw, rtty, psk, jt sounds I make when transmitting.

It does not turn off incoming signals
It turns OFF MY MONITOR so I can't hear my CW, RTTY, PSK whatever signal.

As I had just changed some transmit com ports for the 6K, I assumed I had mad an error.
I MUST monitor my cw or my already crummy fist goes to hell in a hurry.
Similar, not hearing the diddles of rtty made me thing I wasn't getting any signal out even though I heard the rig ptt click.
But I'm I confuse easily.
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Thanks. Now I get it. MON of digital modes transmit audio is very helpful. I haven't run any digital on my 6500 yet. I a waiting for the digital audio interface (VAC/DAX) because I am too lazy to make up any more cables! I have my 1500 if I want to do digi modes....

I agree, it would be nice to have MON flash either when on or off. (My preference, as a phone op primarily, would be to have it flash when it is ON.)

Either way, Bill, I don't think you will make that mistake more than a couple more times until it becomes the first thing you check! hi hi. I can't count how many times I have called someone with the power turned down to about half a watt, after doing some testing into my small dummy load, and wondered why no one could hear me! Now I have trained myself to look at the power meter when I talk...
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I have had the same laps in memory and have on two occasions stopped my TRX
Thinking we had some kind of a problem, only to discover the MON was off.
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The last thing I need is something either flashing at me when I'm transmitting or flashing at me when I'm receiving. I vote NO on this one.
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To me this would be annoying. A few minutes of training you eyes to check this button will solve your problem.
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A HUGE no here. constant flashing buttons.

Maybe as an option that can be disabled, how about a quick 2 or 3 flashes only or change the color to yellow when PTT is asserted and MON is off.

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why stop at just one button :-).. C'Mon guys ..arent there bigger fish to fry? Ive had my share of "DOH" moments also but it didnt happen too many times until I moved on to the next inevitable "DOH" moment.
With something like this it would most likely be "why is that button flashing".....
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Sorry guys, I guess my self-deprecating humor wasn't recognized.
I'll refrain from that in the future.
But it did take a LONG time for me to figure out why I wasn't hearing my RTTY or CW signal in the speakers.

I'll just be a reader.
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keep it up, bill. "i'm gettin paid by the hour and older by the minute" myself...

i still want a big red flashing warning YOU'RE STILL SPLIT, YOU IDIOT ....

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That's OK. Sometimes I think I need this one...

...NEW FEATURE REQUEST... Make this thing read my mind and flash a warning when I am doing something stupid because I don't know what I am doing!...

After thinking about your post and my previous response, I also came to the conclusion that I don't need any more flashing lights telling me that I am an idiot...

This thing is supposed to be idiot proof, but they didn't have me in mind when they said that!
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Bad idea, maybe flashing when it is on, but not off. I prefer no flashing buttons. Surely after one time, you have learned the proper way to do it.. Jim K4JAF
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NO ...NO ...Heck no flashing lights....