Need Remote Timeout to prevent a remote from Hogging the Radio

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I am sharing my Flex 6700 with several other hams using VPN ,so that they can use it periodically when I am not using lit.  They VPN into my LAN at the house, use my radio, then disconnect.  Work likes like a charm! (SSB, Digital)

Have had an issue with Remote Operation whereby a PC on the LAN is using the Flex 6700; but, when the operator is done, he does not disconnect and leaves SmartSDR running.  Thus, he is still using the radio. (I seem to be guilty of this too.)

Is there anyway to put an "activity timer" in the setup to automatically disconnect and shut the software if there is no activity for a specified period of time....say 10-20 minutes as desired.  We have an automatic antenna disconnect that disconnects the antenna after 30 minutes of no activity; but, cannot figure out how to reset the Flex.  I can probably expand the antenna disconnect to do this; but, would prefer a software solution

At this point, my only option is to reboot the Flex 6700.
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I posted something similar several months ago.. but can't find it via the less than useful search facility

HOWEVER.. a Timeout is not really good enough for Remote Operation

SSDR really needs a way to initiate a positive Remote Disconnect...rather than a passive Time Out.

Simple example:
You are working SSDR in your shack and decide to go to bed in your bedroom and continue with the Maestro...

But you forgot to Kill SSDR.. so you currently need to get out of bed, walk back to the shack and kill SSDR - or wait 30 (60?) minutes for a timer to kill it...
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Then would we need a seperate software utility to talk to the SSDR so there are not two instances of SSDR running? In order to close the one in the shack with the remote, two are working at the same time?
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I would like the ability to boot a connection and connect AND the ability to turn the radio OFF via PSDR.
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To overcome the less than useful GetSatisfaction seach facility (as I concur on), use google with the arguments flex and whatever real search key you are looking for, maybe like flex remote disconnect ky6la
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Question...can a person log in to their router control screen and disconnect someone's VPN connection and dump them from the rig? Then connect yourself? Or does SSDR try to maintain their connection if they have not logged out?
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My experience is that SSDR will disconnect if it is logged out of the network.

Simple test --- start SSDR on K6TU Ipad Remote...
Remove the WiFi Connection on the iPad
You should now be able to connect SSDR local again with a desktop

BUT you really need to be able to remotely disconnect that external  or even more important that internal device when you are remote.
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Remote into the PC, bring up TASK Manager and KILL SSDR
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Bill, I used to know the utility in Windows to "kill processname".
Internally it does a ps on the running processes, greps for the process with the processname specified on the cmd line and terminates it. I think it came with sysinternals. Peter would know. My point being one doesn't have to manually remote in and bring up task mgr etc.
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     Process Explorer (Procexp.exe), part of sysinternals does that.  I don't
think it can work via a command line, however.
     Taskkill /IM  (processname.exe) can work from a command line, though.

Ned,  K1NJ
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The problem is, there's really no generic way to know if a desktop application is "active" or not, particularly when it s being run via an alternate session (such as when you login via RDP). SSDR is still displaying stuff, still using CPU time..... So, it's tough to determine programmatically that SSDR is idle.

If you know for sure, you should be able to just stop the process from your desktop as others have suggested.

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Well, that's certainly a point but wasn't the premise of the thread, essentially, 'your 20 minutes are up' bang, you're done now. If taskkill, thanks Ned, can't find 'smartsdr' as a running process then its a nop. Jim, nop is a assembler mnemonic for 'no operation'.