Need help w/ Basic N1MM+ setup for SmartSDR (v2.3.9) and/or Maestro

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Al, K0CN's YouTube showed basic setup using Winkeyer but it used ver1, and I was unable to follow the setup .  NM9P commented (years ago) about using CWX in N1MM+.  Did Mike Walker, VA3MW make a YouTube video about N1MM+ Flex setup?  Can the community please help me get N1MM+ running on my Flex 6600 with SmartSDR and with my Maestro?  I Would like to try N1MM+ in the WRTC this weekend.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Search the community, I posted a down and dirty N1MM setup walk through here some time back.. I will try and find it when I am not on my cell phone
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I seem to have it working!?  I sent a cw marco thru N1mm+ and I opened DXLab to actually log it.  I opened DXCommander and noticed both N1MM+ and Commander display the correct freq, I think?  I need to do more testing Ha, Ha!
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There are two of us here that would be interested in a link to how to setup N1MM for SmartSDR version 2.     If you are willing to share, that would be great.   When I search on google or the forums, I am only finding info for N1MM on SmartSDR version 1, older, years old.

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I found a post I did a couple of years ago..

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Official Response

Ok the gang has answered most of the questions,

but lets drill down to a simple 1 slice contest setup.  

in SmartSDR CAT you will need to set up 2 types of virtual ports.
1. a cat port
2. a winkeyer port.

Do this first, 

In smart cat, click ADD down in the lower left corner
The add port box will display
Port protocol: CAT
Port Type: SERIAL
Serial Port: FlexVSP

You can leave the Autoswitch TX slice alone.  Split mode you may want to select the SO2V pulldown since this would effectively emulate a traditional 2 vfo CAT port.  but for a single slice instance its not really needed for you.  just a suggestion.

Click SAVE.
You will now see the cat port listed with a blue square icon with a C in it.  all good.  remember what com port was created.

Now we can setup a Winkeyer emulator port so N1MM can key CW

Click ADD
under port protocol 

take note of that com port

Click SAVE.

You should now have a dark blue/purplish square icon with a W in it.  

That takes care of the port setups.

Now lets get N1MM talking to your flex.

So lets assume your virtual CAT port is COM2
And your WInkeyer is COM4

In N1MM logger Plus
Open Config > Configure ports, mode control,audio, other

First setup your cat telemetry.  on the top row
Configure the PORT pull down for COM2 (using the above ports as an example)
Configure the RADIO pull down as FLEX-6000 Series
do NOT check the CW/other box
click the SET button.
Optimized flex defaults should be populated, but for the record
38400,N,8,1 DTR/RTS Always off.
for cw contests ensure PTT via Radio Command are UNCHECKED for all modes.
click OK

Now in the Second row.. lets setup the keyer 
Configure the second row port as COM4
leave the radio pull down blank

put a check in the CW/other box

Click the SET button for That row
You can leave the defaults for now, but put a check in the Winkey box.
DTR always ON RTS always OFF
click OK. to close that window, and OK again to close the configure tab

That should apply those settings and N1MM should be aware of the radio, its single slice and should show and track frequency.  you can also test by hitting the F1 button on your keyboard.. and it should trigger the cw macro.

And that should do it. 

CU on the air and GL in the contest :-).