NB and APF need improvement

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My Flex 6700 is becoming my primary rig, I love it. However, the NB and APF are still not where they need to be.

First APF. As I continue comparing the APF on my K3 with my Flex 6700, K3 still wins. Here is why:  K3 APF seems to have a more definite and pleasing sound, it truly peaks. In addition, moving the peak to the right frequency is easier on the K3. The Flex 6700 needs some means to tune the APF frequency independent of the main tuning. I use RIT to do this now, but there has to be a better way, because I often forget to turn RIT off after disabling the APF. Furthermore, the RIT step is 10 hz, and the APF needs a 5 hz (or even 1 hz) tuning step.

What is the BW of the APF? I think the K3 has a BW of around 5 or 10 hz, and the adjustment knob moves in 5 kz steps (I think this is correct).  I also agree with earlier comments made by Al/NN4ZZ concerning APF improvements. I have made many 160 meter DX QSO's with signals that would not have been made without the APF on my K3. Please improve the SmartSDR  APF so I can say the same thing about my 6700.

Second NB. As the NB is configured now, it is almost useless here. I look forward to when FRS will improve NB performance to the same level as that of the NB's on the Flex 5000. FRS, do you not have the code already written for this? Or is the programming totally different?
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Posted 5 years ago

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I won't pull the trigger on a purchase until the NB is functioning. the NR is the other function that I expect to be working before I purchase the unit.
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I noted a big inpruvement  in APF dsp  in CW. with the last smartsdr release c!

Now I am able to read signal with APF that I without I am not able to

I really appreciate it 

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Agree it is better in the last V1.2 but some think it could still use improvement.  See link for details. 


Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com

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Tnx Al. Lets keep this going until it is "right"
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i been telling them about the nb for 8 months now hope there getting close to fixing it glad i didn,t get rid of the 5000
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    Sure would be nice to see this fix along with the power level fix in an interim release.  Field
day (sometimes noise-prone) and the June VHF contest are coming soon.

Ned, K1NJ