N1MM+ QSOorder + SmartSDR

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QSOorder is a wonderful utility that can be used to record each of your completed QSO’s as recorded by N1MM.  Many thanks to Vasily K3IT for putting this together.

I have used it many times, however, it has been a bit of a challenge to include my transmitted audio in the same audio file.  Prior to using SmartSDR, it took a small USB sound mixer to combine all the audio into one audio stream.

With SmartSDR, you can now do this without installing one physical cable and record the entire QSO.  


Other products similar to VAC should work as long as you can combine multiple audio inputs into one output.  Voicemeeter has also been recommended http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Voicemeeter/index.htm

This document should provide with the basics for recording your logged QSOs audio by using QSOorder, VAC and N1MM+.

The publish option from Google Docs seems to mess up the formatting a bit, but you get the idea.


Mike VA3MW
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Mike va3mw

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Posted 3 years ago

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Chris Tate - N6WM, Elmer

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This is great stuff for the flex contest community, thanks Michael for writing this up!
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Andy - KU7T

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QSOOrder is really cool. I would like to try this but have a question...

This seems to combine the DAX MIC and DAX RX into one stream that is being recorded. That means it will work for any MIC-based modes. Is there any way to do this for CW?  

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Holger Hannemann

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How to record the sent CW please? As Andy said the description works only for SSB. 
73 Holger, ZL3IO
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Holger Hannemann

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Hi Andy
I've solved the CW recording. Connect the FLEX speaker output to a mic input of your PC and you get both send & received CW. You only need to set one audio repeater from VAC. Wave in is the microphone input of the pc (where your Flex speaker out is connected to) and wave out is "Virtual Cable 1". 73 Holger, ZL3IO
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An even simpler way to achieve this and more- including the Panadater display and any logging program is to use OBS studio. set your mic inputs to the DAX channel and you can recorded the whole thing locally without streaming or you can record locally and stream. The only downfall of this is you need a little bit of PC processing to achieve a good bit rate. Been doing it this way a a few years it works extremely well. and you can then down mix the whole audio and video stream into MP4 files and send them to your contacts or include in many posts, and social media. Also you'll find that VB cable is a less resource needed virtual cable then the previous mentioned and you can get the first channel for free and add additional channels as needed via a simple donation. https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm