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During the last year I have seen many different emotions, glad to upset. I myself have been on both ends of the emotion roller coaster. And now we have another new release. For me did it solve a radio selling issue, No! Do I have a radio selling issue No! So what is this praise you have?

Remember when all you "I have to have waterfall, it was promised , when is it comming," finally got your beloved waterfall, well those of us who used it at times but it was not the greatest desire on our wish list got it also and we didn't even want it! Ok Dale be a team player and understand that some Flexers with slit their wrist if it does not come soon, so I also clapped for the great waterfall arrival. After it arrived I found the terrible truth, YOU COULD NOT GET RID OF THE THING, TURN YOUR RADIO OFF AND IT WAS BACK UPTGER TAKING ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL PANADAPTER HD SCREENS.

So I and many others asked one simple thing please let us cut it off. You would have thought we had spit on the American flag, how dare you want to cut it off it is great,wonderful, how can you operate Ssb without it ( yes that was said check the community) so I and many others posted our wish that we could cut it off, we did not go on a rampage how we need to cut it off , it was causing us unsure misery, we just waited , after all we had spoken with a substantial number.

So here is the praise, thank you flex we the none waterfall flexers can turn it off and guess what it stays off! Once again the power of the silent maybe majority have been rewarded and to those of you who felt it was terrible to want to cut it off, you can leave yours on and guess what we now can all be happy join arms and sing a song together.

No kidding thank you Flex this was a great surprise and you have made some of us very happy.
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