My Flex-6300 CQ WPX 2015 Contest score and experience

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Worked the last CQ WPX SSB contest last week end on 20 meters, I worked almost 30 hours, using the Flex-6300, I sent my 6700 for PEN last week.

This is my third contest ever, the first one was with 6700 last year, and the last 2 were on the 6300.

Running with high power did not provide me with any advantage, further the special contest call and its prefix 9K9Z invited others to squeeze them selves up and down my operating frequency when the opportunity came.

Needless to say the splatter was horrible, and some hams didn't play it fair, quite a few did not respect good operating rules and conducts, others should not even be allowed to operate on the CB band.

The grand finally was when IK$%?^&O decided to take over my frequency giving me the deaf ear act,  another clown told me to QSY, and when I told him to check the cluster spots he said "the propagation changed"!

The best thing is to cut it short and find a clear spot, it is the quickest way.  After all I have the Flex Pan adapter working for me and they don't.

Contesting is not my bucket and I did not participate to pull ranks, True valuable multipliers came from my friends who showed up on my frequency and I was number one on their list.  You surely can't hang that on the top your wall, but certainly and easily it finds its respectable place deep in  your heart.

I am sharing my results to show that the Flex-6300 is a tough player in any contest.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Great post Ali. I agree that some of the people out there give a really bad name to ham radio! Some even roam this board! Hihihi

Congratulations! That is one heck of a score on 1 band!!! Good job!

I had visitors and missed the chance to try the 6300 in the contest. I can appreciate what the 6000 series can do in these very crowded contests. Can't wait to do as well as you did!