My 15 year ago prediction – sort of

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Perhaps more accurately it was my “wish list” for the “ideal radio”. It was fun parsing through my bullet points in that article again recently and seeing just how much of what I was proposing back then is in reality now embodied in the 6K’s today.

While the 6K hardware is not nearly as modular as I was proposing in the article, the 6K’s  do however contain much of the functionality that I was striving for and wanting to see in a “new radio” at that time.

It was also interesting how my design concepts at that time pre-date the economical feasibility of DDC by about 6 or 7 years, so no mention of that technology in that article. And also no mention of smart phones and tablets either. They really didn’t exist yet, or least exist in a widely used popular way like they now are. It even pre-dates the public awareness of the SDR-1000 and PowerSDR.

Predicting the future is always tough. But I wasn’t actually trying to predict the future in that article, but I was instead just describing my wishes for a better radio design approach.

Isn’t nostalgia fun...
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Posted 3 years ago

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Uncanny Duane,  you must be a bit clairvoyant.
Dream big or go home.
Good article.
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Seems to me you just about nailed it.   Did you have a "radio almanac" from the future back then?  :)
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Enjoyed reading your original article. Scary to think 2002 is now 15 years ago! Time flies.