MultiFlex Demo at Orlando HamCation 2019

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Here is the MultiFlex Demo on YouTube:

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Posted 4 months ago

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i like how it showed who was transmitting

I think i missed where  it shows who is connected...

hope to see more videos soon...
to actually install on my 6600M

Paul K3SF
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I wonder how much K9CT is in this software? I seems like the perfect match for his operations. I can barely handle one band at a time, but I did do a RTTY contest once faking it with N1MM+
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mikeatthebeach .

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I think Contesters like K9CT use SO2R
( Single Operator Two Radio’s ) category but
Think MultiFlex would be a new Category 2O1R
( Two Operators One Radio )
Never heard of that new Category before !!!
Count the number of Transmitters in a Contest
Unless your redefine the meaning of SO2R to mean
( Single Operator Two Receivers )
Now that would cause some confusion!!
Hi ! Hi!
Well it more about sharing your radio with
A buddy that has no ham station !!!
73 Mike
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It was a lot of fun demonstrating multiFLEX at HamCation as we came across several applications we had not previously thought of. One example was that I had several husband/wife duos that found it to be perfect for them. Historically one of them would be stuck with a lower performance radio on a lower performance antenna. With multiFLEX they can share a Flex and both utilize the good antenna at the same time.
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Will two connections be able to operate on the same band and frequency? For instance a friend logs in and joins your rag chew being able to hear each others transmissions but just having to share transmit times.
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mikeatthebeach .

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I want to see some videos of MF in action !   
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Hi, have been reading the list for some time now with great interest but have not yet posted. Got 2 6600M with Maestros in summer for WRTC2018 in Germany and have been applying them now in our ES9C contest station. I have been waiting for the Multi Client option with great anxiety to take full use out of the radio in MS and M2 setups. I could just wait a few months and things will sort out but then again why not ask some things in my mind already:)

Will both users be able to use any RX/TX antenna independently of each other? So either the same RX or TX as the other user or different? And will one operator always have his RX enabled (FDX?) when the other station is TXing? But naturally when operator A has selected say ANT1 for RX and operator B is TXing on ANT1 then the RX of operator A will be muted? Is it possible to create some scenarios then to give operator A a secondary RX antenna (ANT 2 or RX ANT) for the period when operator B is TXing on the main antenna?

Secondly I am trying to understand how 2 operators can share the radio at the station when not using Maestros? Is there a solution for them both have their own footswitch/paddle/headphones output? There are 2 MIC inputs but how can they have 2 of the other things when they use 2 different computers with SmartSDR? How will this work?

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Hey Tonno, great to hear from you!  The rules about antenna usage are the same as they would normally be with the radio -- if you have a 6300, 6400 or 6500, only one RX antenna may be in use at a time.  If you have a 6600 or 6700, you may use two RX antennas at a time.

With multiFLEX, each operator can have their own TX antenna since they cannot TX at the same time and the radio will switch to the correct antenna whenever an operator transmits.  You can have full duplex on either or both stations and it works just like it normally would (you receive when you're transmitting).

Your secondary RX antenna is an important one for contesters and we believe we will have to do this, but it will not be in the initial release.  One current idea we had for this (which was largely influenced by K9CT) is to have a "backup receive antenna" designated.  When someone transmits on your receive antenna, you would automatically switch to the backup receive antenna.  This would allow, for example, each operator to have ANT1 for both RX and TX and RX_A for a backup and in this case, both operators would receive on ANT1 until someone transmitted on ANT1 and then both stations would switch to RX_A for receive.

When two computers are in use, each will run CAT (and optimally DAX).  The CAT stations will be connected to a client instance (SmartSDR, Maestro, etc) and when a transmit is issued in CAT, it will be on the transmit frequency in that client instance (client slice).  One station can be assigned to the radio for inputs (if you like).  The other will need to use inputs on the client device.
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Tonno Vahk

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ok, thanks Steve. Yes, another antenna (e.g. RX A or ANT2 for that matter) defined as "backup receive antenna" sounds exactly what is needed.

As for operation with 2 computers with SmartSDR and one radio and 2 ops sitting next to each other I think it has to be worked out in practice who gets which inputs/outputs. For example paddle can't be connected to computer so they would need to either share a paddle connected to the radio or have two in parallel I suppose.

Also I don't exactly imagine how assignment will work if one op is using radio inputs/outputs say phones connected to radio. How does radio know to which client he has to assign the inputs/outputs, etc... We'll see.

As for number of clients. As 6600M has 4 receivers, then optimally of course I would like to connect 4 clients to it for a MS operation for example. Our MS means 6-7 stations/operating positions at least and having 4 guys operating 1 radio would be cool. But for now of course starting with 2 clients is very fine:)
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There is a setup panel in both SmartSDR and Maestro that allow specification of which client has the radio inputs/outputs.  One client is selected and will have all of the associated inputs/outputs on the radio itself (in addition to any it has direct access to).

If you have two operators with paddles, today you would need to have at least one Maestro I believe -- you could assign one client to the radio (where one set of paddles would connect) and the other would have a Maestro.  Nothing precludes a paddle interface on other clients, but that has not been implemented yet.

As of v3.0, multiFLEX will support two simultaneous clients.
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Tonno Vahk

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ok, clear, sounds good.

Is it also possible to use 6600M with front panel and SmartSDR on computer in parallel so that front panel knobs and buttons and VFO could be used alongside the SmartSDR to control the same slice, etc? Like FlexControl I believe (have not tried it).
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On a 6600 with two SCU you can each have different antennas.

We can use a Maestro, laptop, Ipad, phone. to connect. Each op will have there own radio sharing the transmitter. Each will have there own settings and ptt.

This is the marvel of this, most people have not really grasped what is possible here.
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one example,
i plan on using it to have two to three slice monitoring FT8 freqs on my 6600m and be able to do pedestrian mobil while walking the dog about the neighborhood using my iphone.....

need two clients to be able to do this..
.one doing ped mobil and  one doing FT8'ing

example number two
is mutli op contesting where not all ops do not need to be at my place although smartlink doe ssome of this, multi-flex will allow for more search and pounce ops

example three (three client scenario)

two computers running their own ssdr, one focused on FT8 (two bands)
the other on rtty (on one band)
me using the 6600m using main panel to monitor ssb net on a fourth band

need the computers to be able to access four slices of 6600M cause can not activate four slices from main panel of M models...

also, i have used my ipad using ssdr-ios to access all four slices of the 6600M

just some thoughts on the possibilities of multi-flex capability

Paul K3SF

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Makes sense to me. When THE last and final release of V2 comes around, as much as possibel will be taken care of. With possibel experience from early V3. I can wait for V2.5.
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You have to remember for every legit bug report there are also reports with exaggerated thread titles that turn out not to be a bug at all, but operator error or a new user looking for help, most times they get the answer or pointed in the right direction, but the over dramatic thread title remains and for those not following the thread are left with the perception of that thread title. 

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I have been Bitching about getting bugs fixed for years but it always seems to fall on deaf ears.
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@Joe N3HEE - FRS's stance on how the participate in this community runs towards leaving most threads uncurated and often not closed.  No don't get vexed when someone "bumps" a very old thread.  Often the the problem they describe is not software as Mike VE3CKO reminds us.  As community posts often contain scant information often not identifying the software version being discussed you will find time-displacement/version-displacement confusion in threads.  

@All - FRS did the same trickle down of fixes when v2 came out.  They didn't do it when v0 (Preview) was replaced by v1, as that was the end of the preview series as they moved towards their present testing posture.  

There is a chicken and egg issues folks need to get a grasp on, as the fixes people would like to see are drummed out in the overall Alpha Test process, which as a major version change includes tesing the next major version.  

I know from my point as an Alpha Tester the hammering this team does to get a release ready for all of the community is humongous.  The amount of volunteer man hours if not donated unpaid would make the software very expensive.  

It is in those thousands of hours of testing that fixes to the prior version are proven.

Then at a new version roll out the numbers of systems suddenly running the new software massively escalates, in the process checking what the Alpha Team found successful again.  

@FRS - Perhaps it might be work labeling obsolete threads or actually retiring them to an archive?  It doesn't seem productive to leave threads available to reopen when the initial thread software has long been replaced.


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I really dont care what it takes for FR to fix bugs.  Not my problem.  As a customer I expect hardware and software that works as advertised.  Whether its Flex, ICOM, Yaesu or Kenwood. Right now there are known problems with 2.4.9.  Many have rolled back to 2.3.9.  That's not acceptable.  FR is very fortunate to have a loyal customer base that seem to put up the bugs and delays.  If you want or need more alpha testers to keep up with the rapid developement cycle then count me in.  I have a computer and engineering background and would love to help.  I am already a beta tester by default ! :)  I'm having fun with the radio and see great potential but expect a little more in the way of software support.