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I have always found it difficult to make fine adjustments to some of the sliders in SSDR. Today while I was playing around I discovered that you could click on either side of the slide indicator and it would move the slider by 1. I'm sure everyone but me already figured this out, but in case there some other laggards like me around I thought I would post it.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Yea good stuff - I knew about - I just wish it would pop the little bubble and tell you the new value with OUT hovering your mouse over it....  It is a very handy feature...
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If you click on any slider control, afterwards you can use the page-up or page-dn keys on your keyboard to increment the value by +/- 1. I use this all the time to adjust the AGC-T value for the drop in background noise to set the AGC to operate properly. By the way, as has been mentioned before, proper AGC-T adjustment will greatly improve NB and NR operation, especially in V1.4!
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The problem I find with the single-click functionality is that the area where this will happen is very shall in the vertical plane. Seems to be a touch shorter in 1.4 cf 1.3.8. For this to be a viable and easy option the vertical dimension of the area needs to be at least as tall as the slider - too hit and miss presently.

I do hope that FRS gives the interface an overhaul in 1.5.
OT does any body else notice that the top of the numerals in the SWR scale are chopped off by a pixel or two?