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Whilst commenting on the "Show correct transmit passband in panadapter" thread, it occurred to me that there could be a case for more side panels in the GUI. Some, when set, do not need constant adjustment and can be hidden from view. With passbands as a good example, Tx and Rx passbands are adjusted in several different ways and in different ways. There is a good case for having a passband side panel where both can easily seen and adjusted in the same manner.
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Agreed. I would certainly like to see the band selection buttons across the wasted grey bar at the bottom, instead of needing 2 clicks just to change band. Its probably one of the most used button groups but its lost behind the auto-hide panel?
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Hi Steven,
I think there are a few challenges with the BAND buttons at the bottom.  
- You need a set for each panadapter  
- If displayed horizontally they are too long to fit across in some cases.  

The mockup below is for a 6700 with 5 panadapters displayed. When the band buttons are displayed horizontally for the 3rd panadapter they extend into the 6th panadapter space.

Another option that might work would be to allow the user to set the "autohide" option for the band buttons.  This could be used when desired and eliminate one of the clicks.

Here is a mockup, just select your preference when ever it is displayed.  And then band changing would be a single click.  If you set "autohide" to OFF it would remain on the panadapter and any other button press (e.g. Display, DAX, etc) would temporarily overlay it. 

If you think it's a worth considering, feel free to use the mockup and post it as an idea to see if it gets any votes.  

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
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I really would like to see included in this same mockup of buttons to add RX Antennas 1, 2 and XVTR.
I would like to get at all of my antennas for receiving via the mouse quickly.
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I would also like consideration for a side panel for DAX settings, rather than having to right-click the icon to produce the config box, and then having to do that again when it disappears under another window.

I really think that the use of side panels has been undervalued.
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Agreed, or to put it another way - there is too much screen real estate given over to pan adaptor and waterfall. This makes is look sleek, modern and pretty but far less practical / ergonomic with many of the controls that you use 20-30 times a day are either hidden or pop-up windows under other apps etc. etc.  

Flying SSDR at the moment feels like flying an all-glass flight deck with half the backlights out. I feel that PSDR had the balance of control panel versus pan/waterfall more suitably sized for usability.
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A trick I use is to pin DAX, CAT, SSDR and a few other useful utilities to the Taskbar and turn Auto-hide taskbar OFF.  I have the taskbar mounted vertically on the left side of the screen.  It sort of creates my own side-bar menu access for these and other utilities like PSTRotator, SDRStack, and K9DUR's Voice Keyer.  When I click on these "pinned" utilities, they go front & center and I minimize them when finished with them. 

I like the side-bar menu idea.  I would hate to clutter the very useful panadapter screen with a bunch of buttons and controls like PSDR.  I have used both and much prefer SSDR.  I WOULD like to see a dockable control button panel that I can program with my favorite, most often used controls.  It would be nice to be able to have several different "control panel" profiles, depending upon whether I am rag-chewing, DX-ing, or contesting.  I need quick access to different sets of controls  depending upon what I am doing....

Ken - NM9P
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Yes I find SSDR very slick compared to PSDR. Ken I like the task bar idea. It would do the trick to get to any setting fast that you put there.
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From what I remember of it PSDR actually has several "display modes", full-on, essential buttons only, and a minimalist kind of thing. That would cover every need.

The idea that one panel layout works for all operating modes wont work, I use very different functions depending on context, ie. contest mode to everyday S&P DX chasing mode.

Most of us purchased SDR because we can do without physical knobs and dials, but please don't go hiding on-screen IO as well. Rapid one-click access to all routine functionality is important. Menus and pop-ups are a PITA in some situations.

If you click something 20-30 times a day it should be a permanent dedicated one-click button, 2-3 times a month then menus work just fine.
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@ Steve

"Most of us purchased SDR because we can do without physical knobs and dials"

I had it confirmed that most of the Maestro buyers were 'regular Joes' who found they could not live without the knobs! Go figure. I would not have bought a Flex if I needed conventional controls.