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SSDR Suggestions:

(1) I would like to see better implementation of mode persistence whereby toggling between modes *with the same slice* saves the current mode bandwidth. For example, I often create a custom CW filter bandwidth then perhaps momentarily switch to SSB using another bandwidth, then finally switch *back* to CW where I want to retain the original custom setting and not have it reset back to default. The present limitation is that mode bandwidth is saved when going from band-to-band, but not when going from mode-to-mode; and

(2) When the mouse is hovered over the lower center frequency slice, a nice bandwidth graph is displayed at the bottom of the screen, allowing the user to make bandwidth adjustments and see the numerical limits. However, I would like to see the same graph displayed when the mouse pulls either the upper or lower bandwidth slice. So, as the slice is adjusted with the mouse, we should also see the same numerical bandwidth displayed during bandwidth adjustment.

Finally, the ability to independently adjust upper and lower filter skirts is something I've wanted for 40 years. Flex has now given it to us. I cannot believe the excellent CW opposite sideband rejection when pulling in one skirt to match the CW sidetone frequency. This results in a complete elimination of the opposite sideband yet low frequency content does not suffer as it would with an analog filter.


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