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I recently got a Heil Pro7.  In general it seems to do a really good job with many positive reports.

In a number of DX contacts the DX station responds to me as K2GC rather than the correct K3GC.  This happens in roughly 1/3 of the DX contacts.  I often have to repeat my call 3 or 4 times before I get a correct response.  The radio which I don't think is part of the problem is a 6300.

About 8 months ago I sold most of my equipment in a fit of pique (big mistake).  Previously I had a 6500 and the mic was a radiosport RS60CF.  With that setup I never had a problem with audio response.

I have repeatedly recorded my voice and played it back and it sounds perfect to me.  Furthermore I have not experienced this with any station whose operator is a native English speaker.

I NEVER experienced this problem with my previous station (native English speaker or not).  I have had problems with Heil products in the past but I got a great deal on the Pro7 and it is well reviewed. Hmmmmmmm

I am on the verge of selling the Pro 7 and getting another RS60 but that is an expensive solution.
Anybody had a close experience to this?

Gene K3GC
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Posted 2 years ago

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If your on 40M I can listen to you now if you want?
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Take a look at my tutorials on YouTube.com/NM9P , especially the tour of audio profiles. Try the Full duplex monitoring technique and lower the tx power to the transverter port so that you monitored signal is really weak. Then when you record and play back you can get a better picture of your real audio as received by other stations where you are less than S-9...

Most problems with misunderstood calls are due to mushy audio that has too much bass or midrange that is either too high or too low.

Once you can monitor or record your “weak signal” then you can adjust your TX EQ to maximize clarity.
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Every voice/ mic combination is different.

As a sound engineer ive learned this problem is usually because frequencies in the 1k-2k range need a lil boost, but its not uncommon to need to suppress a lower freq instead...... maybe even a combination.

With all that said every voice is different and your need could be different.
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Thanks, Guys
I have resorted to my tried and true method of solving problems - take a meat ax to it. -VBG
Consequently, I called my friend Dave of Arlan Communications and ordered  a radiosport  RS60CF which I know works.  There is no doubt that I could get the Pro7 to work I just can't make myself like a Heil product.  That will teach me to make a decision based solely on price.
Stayed tuned for an almost new Pro7 to appear on QRZ and-Eham classifieds, :)