Memory leak in SSDR 1.2.17

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Since I have installed 1.2.17 I have noticed my computer starts getting sluggish after running SSDR for 24 hours or so.  The task manager reports SSDR is using 650MB of memory.  I quit SSDR and the computer's responsiveness is restored.   I restart SSDR and the memory usage is only 146MB  (This is with 3 panadapters, 3 slices, and 3 DAX channels) but slowly climbs until the problem reoccurs after about 24 hours.

I did not have this problem with 1.2.1.

The computer is an i7 with 16GB of memory running up-to-date Windows 7 64-bit.  The radio is a 6700.
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Bob Wright, N7ZO

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Posted 4 years ago

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Bob - I'll try to replicate this behavior over the next 24 hours

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Bob Wright, N7ZO

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Thanks Tim.  Also the video card is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 running dual 1920 x 1200 displays.  I'm not sure this is pertinent, but it should have been included in my bug report for completeness.
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I just checked . SSDR showed 222.8mb after starting it 8 hours ago. I closed then restarted SSDR and now I have 161 mb and it is creeping up. It does seem to accumulate but I always turn it off around midnight. Win 8.1 with 12GB ram here.
Update: It's now 3 minutes later and it's up to 191mb...Looks like it must stabilize at some point.

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Steve's comment prompted me to do some long-term analysis of SmartSDR 1.2.17 memory usage on my 6500 system.  Initial opening of SSDR, with a single panadaptor and no other CAT connections starts at about 125k memory as indicated in Windows Task Manager.  It steadily rises to 247k after about an hour.  No difference was noted with or without DAX channels or IQ channels opened.  Starting 3 panadators  showed the same initial memory usage but after 8 hours memory useage was up to 580k, rising to 593k after I opened a 4th slice in one of the panadapters.  After opening DDUTIL and HRD Log, after an additional hour, memory useage had increased to 695k.  Opening SDR Bridge and 3 CW skimmers (a common situation here) initially reduced memory useage to 501k, but within an hour rose to over 800k before droping back to 700-705k, then rising again to near 800k.  I suspect this increased memory usage may be the cause of some of the periodic lockups I'm getting. Computer system is in Intel i-3-3240, 2 core, 8 GB of RAM, non used for video as I'm running two separate video cards to drive the 3 monitors.  OS is 64-bit Win7.