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I have spent countless hours enjoying my Flex-6500. To improve my operating
proficiency I have written a utility to track my most recently used frequencies and save frequently used frequencies for easy recall. I have successfully used the utility with 1.3.0 and 1.3.8 versions of Flex Radio’s SmartSDR.

The utility is called FRStack and I am releasing a beta version of this utility for your review and enjoyment. If you wish to report an issue or suggest an improvement use the utility’s Help Menu Contact Support link.

You can start FRStack before or after you start SmartSDR. FRStack does not require CAT.  Slices appear and disappear in FRStack as they are created and destroyed in SmartSDR. You can also swap Slice settings with another slice which helps when logging QSOs which are typically logged against Slice A.

I have tested FRStack using a Flex-6500 but it was written to also support the Flex-6300 and Flex-6700.!914&authkey=!AOBrxzxCvgXMTYw&ithint=file%2cexe






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Mark - W3II

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Mark - W3II

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FRStack 1.4.3 has been released. If you already have FRStack installed you will be prompted to download the new version. If not the link at the top will download the latest version.

This version add new features:

Create global hotkeys to invoke MOX, TUNE, ATU, MUTE, Volume, NB, NR, ANF.

Radio menu has new features

  • Enable Hotkeys
  • Hotkey Editor

  • Enable TX on slice set

  • Slice set always enables TX

  • Follow radio active slice

  • Slice set mutes other slice

  • Radio slice active mutes inactive slices

New Slice panel background context menu

  • Lineout Mute

  • Headphone Mute

  • Binaural RX

  • Monitor TX

New Memory button context menu items

  • TX Enabled

  • Mute Enabled

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This is my goto program for scanning the bands..Cant live without it
-jim NM1W